Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sewing and Crocheting

Lately it seems I just can't get enough of sitting and sewing by day and crocheting by night.

Just yesterday, after cleaning my home all day Monday, I sat while child slept and sewed and sewed and sewed. Its is amazing what a 3 hour nap can give you time to do. The monsoon clouds would fade by as the afternoon passed. Making my studio become dark and gray. Giving me a smile when the wind would toss the tree leaves outside my window, mimicking a rain sound. Oh, monsoon season, you went by too fast.

I had a stack of new cute fabrics that have been calling my name for months. I wanted to wait to use them after my class with Junker Jane at Jenny Doh's studios just in case I was inspired to use them there.
After not having them go with my monster doll,

I decided to do a quick patchwork quit with solid panels in between. I started piecing out all my fun bright child like fabrics together. It is almost finished it hangs in my studio closet to fit the last panel.

After I got to a stopping point on the quilt, I decided to revisit my fish project from last week.
I made 12 more cottage style fish to dangle from my drift wood garland. I just love how they look all lined up. The fabrics are all super soft cottons and that natural cotton batting makes them so soft and plush like a little quilt in your hands.

I will most likely find the time to string them today to cross that project off of my to finish list.

While this goes on by day, I put it away as child awakes. We spend time learning colors and shapes. Working with glue and scissors. He is a master at the scissors. Dinner time comes around and then it is time to sit and watch some evening television. I adore Jane by Design.
Yes, it is a teenagery show but I still just love it.

So I pull out the crochet hook and sit crocheting away at another simple blanket. I love simple lines and it is something that doesn't need concentration, I just go line after line as I watch the story unfold on tv.

Getting back to that monsoon, Monday we sat on the front porch waiting for rain.
The clouds came by thick and the thunder clapped. But all we got was a few spits of rain.
We took pictures of our feet as the drops hit them. Child even had to include Woody's boots in our picture taking. Child takes pictures of his feet all the time. It is funny to find his feet on my camera.
Now monsoon season has passed, all hope for an afternoon storm is gone :(
See ya next year rain.


Rhonda said...

You make me laugh...I love your feet pictures and your fabric fish!

We've been having some wicked storms here. I love rain but not storms. I'm a big baby.

Julie said...

The fabrics in that quilt you are making are sooo gorgeous Amy. Also your fish look great - cant wait to see them all strung up together,
I did laugh at the feet photos - he is delightful your wee son - & artistic like his Mum. Thinking of you sewing happily, Luv Julie X x

Gail Thayer said...

You and I are "cut from the same cloth"! I love a good storm. And I love your sweet those fabrics....!!!!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love this sweet post, Amy...I love seeing your creative spirit...