Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going for Gold

I am in love with the soft texture and golden green color of this waverly yarn.

I completed this little blankie in it and I wish I had enough skeins to make a huge afghan for my bed. But I found this yarn on clearance and they only had 3 balls left, :(

With the after remnants I was inspired by this pinterest pic to make some gold ribbons.
I started the foundation last night while watching the Dodger/Giants game. I will work on it more today.

I have also started on another crochet bunting it is being blocked now and waiting for its adornments.

I still have a quilt, that darn grain sack pouf to finish...but the fish garland is all done and I am thrilled with it. I will try to get a picture of it today while there is some sunlight in the house.
I am sure you are all tired of hearing about my fish.

Child is off to swim with dad and I will get to work on my crafting.

Should be a great Saturday. What are you up to?


Julie said...

Hello Amy - your new blankie is just gorgeous - how I sooo envy your crocheting ability :-) That new bunting is looking very "interesting" & cant WAIT to see your fish garland photographed. No we NEVER tire of hearing about all your crafting projects - I think you are amazing with what you accomplish with a little one in tow. Happy Saturday - its Sunday here in N.Z. & a cloudy one so good day for some inside crafting. Luv Julie :-) X x

Rhonda said...

I will never catch up with your incredible creativeness. LOL

I am doing the same....the man is finally home...sigh...I'm creating away. All is good.