Thursday, September 26, 2013

In My World

In my world it is a lot of school, homework, doctors and more doctors and more doctors...
Hardly anytime for just creating or being.  Some weeks are better than others but this week has been especially full of meetings at school, and doctors after school.

So when you get a little break from it all, all you can hope for is a bit of time to create something and let your troubles float away. You may take a picture of your work and post it on Instagram...@vintagemarketp
When you wake up at 4:30 am and can't sleep so you check your email and see mail from a UK publisher, you think...I must still be sleeping.
When you open that email and it states, hey we saw your work on Instagram and wanna publish really think, I must be dreaming...then you see you have another email from etsy and it is still the same publisher leaving a message there too, you wake up really fast and jump up out of bed at 4:30 am so happy and quietly squealing as to not wake the boy.
That is just what happened a few months ago.

Over the summer I bought a wonderful issue of Mollie Makes with Betty dolls on the cover that I just had to make.  I took pictures of my process and posted them on instagram never thinking a thing of it.  Later to get that email was shocking.  I didn't submit, they found me out of all the gals that made and took pictures of their dolls, they wanted mine.  I couldn't believe it.  I was so thrilled and on pins and needles waiting to hear.

A month went by and there I was perusing instagram and saw a girl saying she was published and she took a shot of the magazine page...I follow her on instagram and so I clicked and commented congrats.  I went back to look at the pic again and peeking out of the page was my Betty doll!!!! I about screamed.  Mollie Makes published my little make  It was so exciting to have a UK publication publish my little Betty.  I would have to wait here in the states for a whole other month to get a copy of it.  Yesterday was that day.

After a 3 hour wait in a doctors office and tired as all get out. I went by the bookstore and there it was.  It was like a reward for being a patient patient. (sorry, had to)  My own copy in my own hands.  Not only had I been dying to see the published page (which is tiny and just a blurb) but I am so happy with that, but it also is the issue I was dying for before I even knew I was in it.  I love Jane Foster Designs and her little sausage dog is the freebie make this month.

So in a week, really a life of doctors, schools, therapy, meetings and well, just life it was such a happy moment to have a publication see a little handmade creation of mine and want to put it in a world wide publication. Thank you Mollie Makes, you made this crafty mama super happy :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Heart Fall

 Happy Fall everyone!!
Oh what a glorious morning.
Started as usual, cats jumping on my body for a morning wake up call to feed them.  I stumble out of bed and downstairs to give them treats and let them outside.  I opened the door and what greeted me was amazing.
Yes Fall greeted me with a cold chill in the air.
I immediately ran to shut the air conditioning off that has been running non-stop since May, and threw open all the doors and windows.  What an amazing difference to have crisp, cool, fresh air fill the house.

Today is cleaning day and we usually don't leave the house on Sundays.  But today I might make an exception.  Not that it will stay 67* all day but boy it sure is lovely.

Yesterday we spent the whole day go, go, going.
We started with some school work and learning about fall by making some squirrels gathering their nuts for winter.

Then it was on to a great event put on by Barnes and Noble.  It was Curious George day and storytime.  The boy had so much fun and I have to say I was so proud to see him sit patiently and wait, then raise his hand and want to participate in the games and color time.
What a difference a year makes!

So pleased with him, I treated him to his most favorite lunch at In - N - Out
then it was on to the park.  All of our normal parks were full of birthday parties and family reunions which worked out great cause I stumbled upon a whole new park that will now be our favorite.  By this time of the day it became so blustery that I felt motion sick.  You can see here how the boy is holding on for dear life and his hair is blowing back so you can actually see his face.  It seriously was hard to even walk.  So home we came for nap time.  Yes, he is under there, knocked out from a full day, lol.

 It was such a full day of fun and proud moments.

A year ago I would have never thought it possible to enjoy a full day of events without struggles and tantrums.  A year of determination not to let my boy slip into the world of Autism any further has really paid off.  With his change in diet and great help from Sport Social Therapy and his new school our boy is winning his fight.  I couldn't be more excited to see what another year brings.

Friday, September 20, 2013

On this Friday Night

Pumpkin candles burning, the lamps all aglow we are ready for fall to show.

My favorite time of year is upon us and I hope to get out and celebrate the coming of fall with some cooler weather...although my iphone had me fooled with the temps it predicted for the night :/  Thanks Lynn for the verification that I was not crazy ;)

I would have loved it that would have been true.
But it was a major error on apples end.

Oh well back to what we have been up to around here.
I spent most of yesterday in the studio.

But first it was an early morning spent at a hearing test for the boy, then he was off to school and as soon as I got home I went straight to the studio to make dolls.

I picked up the boy, he fell fast asleep on the way home from school and I returned back to the studio for more work. 

The day just flew by.  Dolls had been made,  patchwork ribbon was sewn and pressed, and bunting was planned out for today.

Planning more to be done today, it just wasn't the same.  The morning started off gorgeous and all I wanted to do was keep driving with the windows down, sunroof open and music blasting.  But I made myself come home and try to get some work done.  Didn't really happen.

I ended up cutting out early and getting some new books for the boy to enjoy.  He has not been feeling great lately, as the hearing test would prove he had an ear infection. So I got him a Doc McStuffins book on cd for the car and then this little book. 

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  I think it will be a great little book for a nightly bedtime story.

So between sleeping, sewing and more sleeping we don't have much else to report around here.  Have a happy Autumn weekend.  Go celebrate the leaves for me  :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Superhero of Mine

Yesterday was dress as your favorite superhero day at school.
I am telling ya, this school was meant to be for our family.
We have never seen him get dressed so fast and out the door.
He never broke character once and lasted all day mask and all except at nap time.
We roamed the streets looking for trouble and milk...

When he was at school, dad went out and found a Robin costume, thank goodness for Halloween shops already set up.
But before he revealed that he had a Robin outfit, we strolled thru the costume shop with the boy just for him to take it all in.

This boy was on cloud 9.  I seriously thought he was going to explode from costume overload.
His head was just whipping back and forth, saying, ' And I can be Jesse, and Doc McStuffins, and Pirate and Perry and and

Once getting back home, dad went upstairs and came back down as Robin.

He even had to check under the mask just to make sure it was really dada.

What a day...It was good to stop all going on around us and just have a little fun.
And of course I fit in a little crocheting this week and got back to sewing dolls.
My brain gets foggy if I don't find a little time to make something.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Here it is another start to the week.
I have so much on my plate that I can't believe I am blogging right now.

All morning was spent wrapping orders and making a few new Halloween things for Vintage Marketplace.

I have a ton of work on my desk to get to today.  A pile of vintage cutter quilt stars, dream catchers, dolls, paper garlands and crochet jars.
But I am excited to get to it all.

Our weekend was spent at home, I never left the house once.

My boy has discovered another Wes Anderson movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and we watched it 4 times.  We then made paper dolls of a family of foxes.
This will be framed, I love it so much!

On Friday his school project was to talk about where families live, he talked about Foxes live in trees and then made a fox tree house for his art that day.

When not making fox things,  I was knitting or crocheting.
I had this box kit of knit mice that was tucked away in a drawer from years ago.  I thought, why not add it to my pile of things to do.  So as we watched fox stories, I knit mice. 

When I wasn't knitting mice, playing spiderman, reading stories and making breakfast, lunch and dinner...I crocheted.

It was a good weekend.