Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today is a special day around here.
This day marks 7 years of marriage to the most wonderful person in my life.
12 years together, 7 married.
He is my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my rock that pushes me to keep going.
I could never have imagined my life ever being this amazing. We started out with absolutely nothing and have now made a home and a baby to share in our amazing love.

I can never say how much I love you enough, you treat me as a princess everyday and give so much from your heart. We laugh and cry together and share our dreams. I am so glad that we walked down the aisle 7 years ago today with our family around us to share in the celebration.

I love you soooooo much

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Love of Summer

Is over.
I start with a happiness to wear some shorts and a flowy light dress, but after only 4 days of 100+
heat I am done.
I want and long for what this picture perfectly captures.

I am a Autumn/Winter girl all the way, always have been.

I want to be able to vacation to a warm spot for a few days to get the shorts and dresses in then back to the cold rain and cozy covers I want to live.

I have been here for 9 years and the heat gets earlier and worse with every passing year.

I was duped into thinking it rained here in the summer. My first summer here was the worst monsoon season and I thought that it was just normal. Nope we haven't had rain even close to that first year here. Also that year it didn't start getting hot until mid June. So I totally dove into thinking it would be okay living here.
So, I am thinking of taking a vacation. I want to hit somewhere that it is still chilly, and rainy.
Northwest, maybe? Somewhere that can feel and see the chill in the air. Any suggestions?

photo found here audiewaskom

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cabin Cozy

I am finally posting again.
It has been a long week and filled with sickness and complete exhaustion.

As I tried sitting and recouping from whatever has entered my system, I pulled out some old reading materials. From decorating books to fashion mags.

Inspired by the photo above, out of Country Living Magazine.

I love in the deadly hot summer here to make my home feel as cool and cozy as possible.
We spend a lot of days cooped up indoors to stay out of the heat. I burn pumpkin spice candles
set the air at frigid temps to be able to wear a sweater or snuggle under a blanket. We watch winter settings in movies, snow, falling leaves...I trick our minds into that it is really cold out beyond our darkened blacked out windows.

Once I started feeling a little better, I hit a thrift shop, I haven't been thrifting in almost a year.
But I wanted a certain look and the only way to get it was to go searching.
I wanted a cabin cozy feel to the landing in our staircase.
The main focus of our stairway are my brothers amazing paintings. They are LARGE and perfect in antique colors, so decorating around them was a hard task. I did not want to take the focus away from his art by adding more art. I wanted something to compliment the color and feeling they give off.

So the image from the country living magazine hit me. Lets add distressed wood, vintage gym hooks and some great vintage plaid flannel shirts. My primitive bench with my homemade letterman's pillow.

Okay, so I found the flannel but I will have to wait to stumble upon a piece of distressed wood in the desert somewhere. I have the vintage gym hooks ready to go. So for now I just hung the shirts on simple nails to give the feeling I wanted. It will all come together soon enough.

But i adore the feel it gives and how it flows perfectly with the rest of the home.

Summers are long and hot here. I will do anything it takes to make it feel like Autumn during these dog days, from getting out and running errands before 9 am and in by 11 am. That goes for swimming too.

I will long for wind and rain, a cool breeze and by the time August hits I will start thinking of falling leaves and cool nights. Its in my blood to change as the calendar tells me the seasons should. I will never get used to living here. I hate it with a passion, but this is where I am and I will make it as best as I can by creating seasons inside my home for my little one to learn.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Best Mother's Day Ever

The one where your child can actually say Happy Mother's Day in his own words for the first time.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dive in

Our day started with me using my own lung power to blow this inflatable pool up for B to have a little fun in the sun. It is already scorching here and a it called for a little cooling off with water time.
And I had a hidden agenda, if he plays hard in the pool he will nap hard in the afternoon...and that he did.
I ran to the yarn shop just as he was falling asleep...found some wonderful yarns so I could sit and crochet in peace while watching a good suspense mystery movie.
So I came up with a pattern from my head and sat to enjoy this super soft bulky yarn. The house dark, frigid and quiet, a low sound coming from the tv. It is so peaceful that I may fall asleep whilst crocheting.
I just love how when summer rolls around, I take to the house and hibernate with yarn.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink Soft Light

Not feeling well today, so wishing that I had this lamp for its soft glow.
Wouldn't it be perfect to have on while laying in bed watching soft light Doris Day movies???

I just love how she always looked heavenly in films.

Now that would be a great mothers day...getting lost in my favorite Doris movies.

Found this wonderful Chandelier on Etsy, wish I could find one in my own town.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Life of a Cat

Pampered indeed.
My fatty loves a good box, it is just hard to find one he actually fits into.

After I opened an early Mother's day gift, I gifted my wonderful kitty this box.
full of tissue paper.
He immediately climbed in and dug around, kneading his comfy spot out.

Cut to 2 hours later here he still lays.

If you have seen my kitty in previous posts, you know how large he is just shy of 30lbs

This box will be his new upscale bed to have. Yes, even my kitty are spoiled :)

Thanks babe, for the gift and the box.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

O' To Dream

Its a Mothers job to...
Dream the best for our child and our family.
We give it our best everyday to make their dreams come true.

But one day out of the year is set aside to Thank Mom for all those days her dreams were set aside for others dreams to come true.

Its not about the gifts or the cards and is about love shown everyday of the year and thankful for what MOMs do.

But if a mom can dream of material things that might just make us happy and bring back a memory of the day she received it out of love and thanks, Dream big, right?

Here is a Dream big list that all mom's deserve for all the hard work they do everyday.

It is fun to dream...
What is on your Mother's Day List?
Do you have a list or do you love to be surprised?

ring Nora Kogan, Coin purse Tiffany and Co. , shoes Christian Louboutin, Bubble blower wand Tiffany and Co. , Picnic Basket Purse Kate Spade, zipper coin purse Louis Vuitton

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage Summer Style

Last summer I was on the hunt for a great red sandal.
I looked everywhere.
It was never the right red, or sole or style combined.

As I was back in my home town, I hit the local thrift stores everyday.
There they were, at the old paint store turned thrift shop, for .99, the perfect red on the perfect sole with the perfect style.

Vintage red Dr. Scholls Clog slides.

Perfect size 8, it was meant to be.

I remember in the early 2000 they reissued these amazing shoes and I had them in blue.
After so many moves I lost them along the way.

I have issues nowadays about wearing used shoes and carrying used bags....after working in the vintage industry so long it is weird that now I have this aversion to used things. So I scrubbed and disinfected til my vintage slides were in wearable condition for me.
I LOVE them!
So much comfort and better than a flip flop for style. The only downside is my foot is very narrow and the leather is going to give, I am already on the last hole for the strap. So I will wear these in limited amounts as to preserve them for as long as possible.

I don't understand why shoe companies can't maintain making stylish and comfortable shoes.
It is so hard to find a new pair of shoes that will withstand the test of time and have comfort.

Its all about how high and how expensive, I seriously find myself shopping the over 60 section in department stores looking for a comfortable and reasonable heel to wear. I have said it before and I will say it again, not everyone wants to look like Gaga, or a Kardashian Hooker. They live for show and performing not living everyday life as a mom or sensible woman.
I beg of shoe companies to get over the stripper pole shoe and get back to something that woman and young woman can still look fashionable in and comfort.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Splendor in the Grass

Well, just as I had posted earlier, I did nothing today.
I found a moment to go pickup the new Lucky Mag.
and after that, we have been in the backyard all day.

The fountain is trickling water...
a peaceful sound
the house is quiet no tv blaring in the background, the cats are sleeping in my chair on the porch with me, B is painting away as new baby monkey lays by his side.

Life doesn't get much better than this
Soon the yard lights will come on and we will sit and have dinner, relaxing and enjoying our Sunday as it comes to a close.

Sunday Reflection

Sunday is usually the day to clean and get a fresh start on my week ahead...but I woke up feeling a little icky.
The weather is GORGEOUS here and sleeping with the windows open is amazing, not so amazing are the neighbors in a 24 hour town. We, who go to sleep at 11 pm, are disturbed by those coming home and then proceeding to get a party started at 12am every Saturday night...UGH.
So a little sleep deprived and not wanting to get moving, I sat and got sucked into Bravo Tv
I simply LOVE Million Dollar Listing New York but after it ended I was drawn into the most horrible thing, I can't believe it is real...Don't Be Tardy for The Wedding!!!
Has anyone seen this???? Oh Lord, seriously...but then again I am sitting here watching it like it was a train wreck and keep watching and watching and watching.

Thank goodness for B coming downstairs wanting to watch Fireman Sam, it forced me away from the tv.
Today is definitely not going to be my normal fast paced cleaning day. I need a break. A vacuuming is a must but other than that I think I will succumb to pinterest ;) and try to get some inspiration flowing.

This week was not my best, no productivity at all. I have a few sewing projects I want to get started on but just don't have the umph to actually do it.

I did get a few things in the backyard tended to, just a few more things to work out before I take photos. We sat out in our backyard last night waiting for the SUPER MOON, what a let down...all hype :( I will take a great harvest moon any day over that super moon.
I think the best of the coverage of the super moon was a local weatherman saying, "tonight we will have a lot of moonshine" LOL I don't think he even realized what he said.

Maybe it was the super moons fault for my lack of action this week....O, super moon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodbye MCA

One of the greats of our music generation

A Vintage Kitchen

I love going to kitchen shops and poking around.
The fun gadgets and decor always gets me.

Mind you I hate being in the kitchen and can't cook to save a life but I do love to look for fun things

Now, my last trip to Sur La Table I fell in love with a ton of stuff but I was really drawn to their bar towels. As I was checking out the lady asked if I would like a store card and I had to laugh. No, I said, I am just here buying these towels to make a tote bag out of, lol.

Kitchen gadgets and decor that I buy rarely end up in the kitchen. I see it for different uses.

I hit 6 kitchen stores before I stumbled upon this vintage style milk bottle.
I wanted a glass lidded water bottle or decanter to keep upstairs next to our bed. I always get thirsty in the middle of the night.
I will make up a little bedside bar so I don't have to trek downstairs in the middle of the night for a quick cup of water.
I found this one at Cost Plus World Market. It matches the bedroom perfectly. The perfect french wording in french blue to bring in a bit of class and color.

My new finds gives me some projects to work on this weekend. Hope to have them finished to show you next week.
Have a great Friday!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Shop with A Heart

This is why I love them....

My family received a lovely surprise in the midst of a hard week.
I think more shops could take a page out of the Kate Spade handbook of how to treat your customers.
We cried as a family when reading such lovely words...even sending us stationary to write our grievance cards on.

Simply amazing!!

We love our KSNY Shop here and will continue not only shopping as customers but as friends for years to come.
Thank you KSNY!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Perfect Summer Totes

From Etsy

One thing in my life that is always constant is the search for handbags, totes, clutches...well just about any thing I can call a purse.

This is my new one from Pottery Barn, I highly recommend it as a great carry all

I love a good bag. No matter how many great ones I own I always look at more.

Here are some that I am drooling over for the perfect summer tote.

From the highest of highs at Louis Vuitton, to a $10 Cath Kidston cotton tote, I love them all.

Now that we spend more days in the park, having a great tote for all our waters, juices, change of clothing for B, and a blanket to lay on in the grass. A tote is a must for summer days.
From Kate Spade, A new take on the classic picnic basket

I have to say, even though this Kate Spade is more of an afternoon brunch kinda tote it is still on my wish list. It comes in a variety of fab colors

How about you all, do you carry totes more in the Summer for hauling the waters and kiddies things in. From the pool, the park or the beach, a tote is on my summer must list.