Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Reflection

Sunday is usually the day to clean and get a fresh start on my week ahead...but I woke up feeling a little icky.
The weather is GORGEOUS here and sleeping with the windows open is amazing, not so amazing are the neighbors in a 24 hour town. We, who go to sleep at 11 pm, are disturbed by those coming home and then proceeding to get a party started at 12am every Saturday night...UGH.
So a little sleep deprived and not wanting to get moving, I sat and got sucked into Bravo Tv
I simply LOVE Million Dollar Listing New York but after it ended I was drawn into the most horrible thing, I can't believe it is real...Don't Be Tardy for The Wedding!!!
Has anyone seen this???? Oh Lord, seriously...but then again I am sitting here watching it like it was a train wreck and keep watching and watching and watching.

Thank goodness for B coming downstairs wanting to watch Fireman Sam, it forced me away from the tv.
Today is definitely not going to be my normal fast paced cleaning day. I need a break. A vacuuming is a must but other than that I think I will succumb to pinterest ;) and try to get some inspiration flowing.

This week was not my best, no productivity at all. I have a few sewing projects I want to get started on but just don't have the umph to actually do it.

I did get a few things in the backyard tended to, just a few more things to work out before I take photos. We sat out in our backyard last night waiting for the SUPER MOON, what a let down...all hype :( I will take a great harvest moon any day over that super moon.
I think the best of the coverage of the super moon was a local weatherman saying, "tonight we will have a lot of moonshine" LOL I don't think he even realized what he said.

Maybe it was the super moons fault for my lack of action this week....O, super moon.

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Rhonda said...

That was the brightest moon I've ever seen. I was let down that it wasn't bigger, though.

I feel for you, I have to have at least 7 hours sleep to be normal. That's a stretch, me normal but you get it. LOL