Wednesday, May 27, 2015


its officially here!
We will be in triple digits this weekend and won't have the air conditioning off for 5 months starting today.

We are keeping busy though.

Homeschool, karate, sprinklers, bubbles and swimming for the boy.

Crochet, sewing and etsy for mom.  My crochet Cactus garden...

We have a few surprises and trips planned for the Summer as well.  When it gets to 118* its time to get out of dodge.

Trying to get a lot of new things made for my shop and vintage clothes in my shop 

*Flag in the header is now for sale in my shop  Both shops have big sales going on some come on by and check them out.  Ya never know what you might find.

Well, here is to a great summer! Lets see where it takes us. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring and Renewing

For the last 6 months I have been dealing with a major hair disaster.
I went to a very high end salon here in Downtown Las Vegas and the ruined my hair.
It was badly bleached out and turned green then it began to fall off and turned into a big fuzzy ball of a mess.
I tried conditioning, oiling and not washing it for weeks at a time.
Nothing really worked.
The only thing to do was to cut it all off.
I was devastated.
I have not had short hair in probably 16-17 years. 
I put it off.  I kept it up and out of my way hoping it would bounce back.

Last week I woke up and said enough,  I can't look at it any longer and begged my hubby to take his clippers to it and shave it off.  He asked me to sign a waiver before he picked up the clippers. 

I closed my eyes and the next thing I was all gone.
It took him 3 hours but it was worth it.

I am in love with it and can't imagine why I was holding on to that broken, dead frizzy hair.

 I feel fresh, alive and so happy again.  Hair always made me feel pretty.  I know it is silly but it did.  Funny thing is, now I feel beautiful and not that I think that I am, but the feeling of letting it all go and starting fresh makes me feel amazing.  Ready for summer!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time of my Life

This year is unfolding and teaching me to live again.

Not to be scared and take more chances.

As a SAHM of a child with special needs, you get lost and life becomes about everything else and you lose yourself and your dreams.

I am realizing life goes by and things happen in the blink of an eye.

Not saying "if I" or "I should have" instead I am saying lets do this and lets do that.

Being my true self and taking time for me.

In this journey, I decided to return to my first love...Vintage buying.  I started when I was 18 working in rag houses in St. Louis and learning as much as I could about vintage clothing.  I went through a lot of crap but learned a lot.  I always dreamed of having my own shop, and why that may not be in the cards, I can open my own Online Shop. 

I love the hunt for vintage, specifically 1970s, boho, southern rock, biker style.  It was always poo pooed as a classic vintage style.  Not lady like or you need to dress like a girl.  Nope, that just ain't me.  I have always been a true jeans and t-shirt gal with a little flannel thrown in. 
A rebel at heart.
Slowly, I am finding vintage pieces that I love and sharing with others who are missing them in their true lives.
And just for fun, I am throwing in some handmade fashions from vintage and embroidery on the rebel side.

I hope you all support this and come say hi on my IG @vintagemarketclothing and

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and that means refresh, renew and shed things in life to make room for new growth. Planting new seeds and watching them grow.

We have been busy cleaning out and transforming our lives.
So be ready for lots of new listings in my Etsy shop.

My challenge this year is try new things.
We are traveling more and exploring life.

I am ready for happiness and new journeys.

I have closed out the negative in my life and opened the door to positivity.
Its amazing to look through a clean lens and see what was holding you back.

Here is to Spring and finding life again.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Crochet Therapy

Life is ticking along here.
Lots of the same of fighting doctors, schools, teachers but there is a bright spot ahead in all of this.
Everything seems to becoming together in a flash that will make life so much better.
More on that later.

For now I will show you what I have been working on that keeps my mind off the bad and focused on the good.

These little bandana scarves are my newest love and thank goodness I have a perfect model for them

He is my little sheriff and the inspiration behind them.

These are now in my etsy shop ready to ship.

I am also making them in big kid and adult sizes with fun patches on them
Very whimsical.

At night I sit and work on this mega bulky crochet throw.  It is soft and gorgeous and I only need one more skein to finish it.  Perfect to curl up with since the house gets so cold at night in the living room
I just finished this hat too ( forgive the pic but it was late and I wanted to prove I finished it) It gave me the worst headache to figure this pattern out.
I had to frog it 4 times before I switched the hook and yarn gauge.
I fell in love with it because it is so late1930's early 40's in style.  It came out darling and I wish I lived in a cooler climate to actually wear it.
But it was a challenge and I love a good challenge and to prove I can do it.

So that is what I have been up to (fun wise)  Crocheting is my therapy

Monday, January 5, 2015

Its been awhile

New year and finding time to write a little bit.
A lot going on and a lot of making.

Here are a few of my new favorite items that are ready for the New year.

These crochet buckeye vintage wood bead bracelets are my favorite thing ever.  Cozy, wintery and they say the buckeye brings wealth and good luck.
A perfect accessory to start off the New Year don't ya think?

I also started these super cute little patches.  Backed in felt and ready to sew on whatever you like.

These little dress up animals are just darling, I can let my imagination fly in creating clothes for them.

And then yes, I started Valentines Day creating.

Like my infamous Dear Santa Letter, these Love Letter pockets are perfect for holding treats, candies and prizes for your secret love.

One other primitive, victorian style door hanger for Valentines day and beyond.  A pair of vintage leather gloves holding a love letter to place on your door knob or wall. 

All of these items are available in my etsy shop or on my IG @vintagemarketp

So I am still creating away and not blogging so much.  If you are on Instagram please stop by.  I post multiple times daily...its just faster and easier for me to keep up with.
I miss blogging and checking in on my favorite bloggers but mom life has become very full and trying to relieve myself from unnecessary stresses.
Blogging was the first to go.  :(
But I hope to be able to pop in once a month or so to update things.

Happy 2015!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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