Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring = Fashion Rebirth

I love fashion.
High end and funky fun the better.

Always have been a lover of seeing the new trends, the spring and fall fashion weeks and magazines.
Now that magazines are no longer the hip fast way to view fashion, pinterest is my go to for inspiration.

Although I do live in a city that caters to high end shops and designers.  So I get to browse and drool in person. 

(CHANEL windows last year)
Every once in awhile I save my hard earned pennies and splurge.  Bags are my drug of choice.  But on this day I just could not bring myself to spend $2950.00 on my dream trend bag.
Instead I put my brain on and the stars and moons aligned, I decided to make my most loved designer bag, the Celine Berlingot (this is the original Celine bag)
It took about 30 minutes, plus $14 of my hard earned money and this is my version ( can you tell the difference?)

I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  It will be my on the town bag this week. 

This coming week is my birthday week, the big 4 - 0 
I seriously can't believe it, I think I just turned 21 yesterday.
But anyhoo it is here and I am ready.
Especially with my new bag :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Vintage Toys

Waking up this morning knowing we had a ton of things to get to before the fun of work could start in my studio.

It was so beautiful outside today that I hated to come in and dig through boxes to list things in my vintage shop.

So we played at the park for a bit before coming home to dive in.
The sun shone through the trees that are already in full bloom with leaves and blossoms. I had to try to shade myself because the sun was hot, burning the back of my neck.

While there was still good light coming in the windows I snapped pictures of my vintage toys.  Not too many left in my collection.  But they are some good ones that I am down to selling.

All will be listed in by tonight.

Tomorrow will be a full day of listing and sorting boxes...thank goodness the boys new playmate is coming.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


It feels really good to get back into the swing of things and set goals for myself.
It always helps to set goals, its like a big check list that I get to scratch off at the end of the week when I achieve whats on my list.
Motivation to keep going, get up and get dressed, get movin'.

It sets the tone for the whole day.

Today I woke up first and gathered my thoughts for how the day should go.
Once the boy was up, we hit the ground running, OJ for him espresso for me.  Like someone shot off the starting gun and we were gone.

From there it just went like clock work.  Easy, smooth and now it is 5:00 pm.

I spent the afternoon photographing things for my etsy shop.  Game planning and advertising. 

We took a break to make zombie wolves, the boy has seen one too many scooby doo episodes, lol

but it was super fun to see his imagination soar.

It is getting to be dinner time and wind down as the sun goes down.
I pick up my hook and yarn and start on my 54th square for my crochet mood blanket.

I haven't missed a day yet.  Tomorrow I will connect row 5.  So exciting.

My plans for the rest of the night dinner and veg out in front of the tv.  My work day is done
See ya Monday
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Friday, February 21, 2014

I am Back

This blog is taken a backseat to life lately but all that is about to change.

We finally got me some much needed help in having me time.
We found a lovely gal that is coming in each week to be a play pal for Brooklyn so I can get back to doing etsy, making stuff and well basically having time to breathe.

Today was our trial session and it went splendidly.

I got so much done on just a 2 hour playdate.

So little by little I will be adding things back to my shop and on the blog here to sell.

I will also be doing a lot more crafting and up beat posts.

So thanks for hanging in there with me and I know I lost a lot of my followers but such is life.

Hopefully I will gain some new friends and people who have lives similar to mine.

Its gonna get great around here
Happy Friday.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Happens

As my last post was so up beat and ready for answers, we were put on hold again by the system.
Doctors fight with insurance and our big skin test was a battle over if the insurance will pay. So we have to wait another 8 weeks for the insurance to process the request before the go ahead is given.
So freaking ridiculous.
Don't worry about the poor kid who has been suffering his whole life, no worry about the stupid money.

With all this fighting and moving of schools, I completely ignored my own body and had no idea I was suffering from bronchitis.  I just thought I had a lingering cough and was tired from all the fighting.  Ooops!
Nope my Doctor put me in my place yesterday.
I walked in thinking okay I will get some meds and walked out after 2 hours of a check up and breathing treatments with tons of meds, inhalers and antibiotics.
SHEESH What a week!!!

So I am on bed rest as not to have it go into pneumonia.
Which leaves me lots of time for crocheting.
Check out my instagram for a lovely crochet heart giveaway @vintagemarketp

It seems we will never be over being sick this winter.  I have never uttered these words in my life but, I hope Spring is coming soon.

For now I will listen and take it easy.  So expect a lot of crocheting and embroidery work going on.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Love and Autism

Posting some candylicious  photos tonight.

I finally got my butt in gear and put a fun valentine's day centerpiece up on the table.

Full of candy, hearts and love.  Love is the title of this post because of what we have fought hard for the past 2 years.

Tomorrow is a big day for us that I am kind of holding my breath in worry and in hopes of relief.
We have been through so much with our boy and his label of Autism.
Me as a mom, wouldn't give up the fight for finding what is going on for my boy.  He didn't fit the label he was put under and once we changed his diet, it was like he awoke from a bad dream.  This led me to dig deeper into his issues.  From his bowel movements and digestion issues with rashes and skin problems I knew there was more to uncover.
With each little food we would remove from his diet things would change, rashes would disappear, speaking would be more coherent, tantrums would cease and life would be good.  Then a little slip of bringing say, milk back in or something that contained gluten and all hell would break loose.

The more research I did the more and more I became in tune with food allergies and the misdiagnosis of autism. 
Food allergies affect the brain and cause toxins to build up in our systems.
His little body is not getting the vitamins needed to have proper brain function and for years we had no idea.  We just took all these "PROFESSIONALS" for their wise words.  I could just kick myself for not following my mom instincts.
So tomorrow we get closer to answering our questions of severe food allergies and not autism.
So far we have found he has gluten intolerance, sensitivity to dyes in food, allergic to cows milk and severely allergic to walnuts.  Tomorrow will be a full panel of foods to test for.

We have found 2 amazing doctors that actually communicate and realize his issues all started when we introduced solid foods to him from as young as 3 months of age.
They are willing to fight with us to find the answers.  No quick labels or diagnosis and writing him off as a lost cause.  But real answers and help.

He has officially been off milk for 3 weeks and even the guy from our local video store commented on how he has never heard him talk or be so full of questions and life before.  That really shows me others are noticing and it is not just a mom wishing it true.
He is holding full conversations, with questions and it all makes sense.
Truth be told, his brain function decreases as night gets close and he grows tired.  He starts with getting words mixed up and some things make no sense at all.    I have a friend whose daughter had a stroke in her 20's and does the same thing when she gets tired.  It really makes me want to look at his brain in an MRI  once the allergies are figured out.

I am holding strong that we will beat this and I just thank our lucky stars that the "DR" we gave so much money to up and left town without giving him a professional diagnosis of autism.  I think my heart would have sank if he is just allergic to foods and had to live with that as part of his name the rest of his life.

Moms and Dads out there, please let my story help you to ask as many questions as possible and never take the first diagnosis as "thats all she wrote" kinda thing.  Dig deeper for your child, ask questions, and question everything.  So many of our children are being labeled and misdiagnosed.
Stand up for them when they don't have a voice.

My son was put in a classroom of non-verbal, severely autistic children at the age of 3 because he was hyper and one thought to do blood work or test for allergies.  It was a horrible year of him being abused in care that was meant to help him.  Within 6 months of us removing certain foods and gluten and dyes from his diet he began to speak.  Removing him from that autism class and placing him in a typical school, he reads, writes, memorizes, and functions in a fully typical classroom with all typical children, there is no way to pick him out as the non typical as the public schools iep stated.  I shudder to think if I would have kept him in that low functioning autism class for 2 years.  What damage would it have done, what if I didn't try to change his diet, he would still be non-verbal??  Would the horrible skin and terrifying allergic reactions that sent him the ER still be a fear of mine everyday?? 

I am not a dr, and what I did changed our sons, and our lives for the better.  I can't say it will happen to you, but why wouldn't you try?
I hope this reaches some parents out there struggling.  I have written my story here and how it all began, in past posts.  Once this is all figured out I will write a full post on everything we have battled for the past 5 years. 
Wish him luck tomorrow!