Sunday, March 31, 2013


 I finally had time to sit and hand sew this weekend. I have not hand sewn in many years.  But when I saw this pattern that Alicia over at Posie Gets Cozy came up with, I just had to try it.  It was super easy and I worked on it over the course of an evening just stitching away.  The little bunny is full of fluffy goodness.  I had such fun working on it and here she is ready for bed with a little blankie I made for her.  You can get the pdf pattern at Alicia's Shop Posie Gets Cozy 

Then on to my little(wait not so little anymore) boy....So in love with the Easter Bunny.   As we walked thru the mall again the other day after taking his picture, he whispered to me, mommy can I hug the bunny?  "Yes of course you can", I replied back.  Just the sweetest moment ever.
Happy Easter everyone!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

An Apple A Day....

From the Spring line at Kate Spade.
Super duper cute Apple Clutch!

I can't wait to carry this little baby all about town this Spring and Summer.

A bright red apple with a leather wristlet strap to dangle from.

Yes I was tempted by the Apple and I picked it....I am in trouble.
Dang those apples ;)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scenes from a 4 year old Boy

Today I kept coming across my boys toys setup in play scenes.

I had to snap pictures of how his mind works.

From his Octonauts, Kwazi in orange, and lego man playing nicely together to....

What I can only imagine is that now later in the day Kwazi is wanted for questioning by Batman and Robin for what happened to lego man. ;)

Aaah the joys of watching imagination within a boys mind.

Grandma is here visiting for Spring Break so the blog will be sparse as we visit together.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snuggle in

This morning was a very chilly one in our home.
With it in between hot days and a very cold morning it doesn't make sense to throw the heat on because by 12 it is rather warm.

Instead we snuggled in.  Had our warm jammies back on and heavy blankets atop the bed.

We watched cartoons and snuggled til breakfast time.
Even fatsy, who isn't looking so fatsy in these pics...must be working on his spring figure.

As the day went on someone had a melt down and it was time for a day without television or movies.
Somebody needed a tv cleansing....maybe it was too many super hero stories yesterday but all I know is that his mood needed some changing today otherwise I would have a meltdown.

It was time for books and imagination play.
We even went on a search for Spiderman...found him.

All tuckered out, allowed me some mommy time.
I found new magazines and nail polish color to make me happy.

I laid out my new fabrics that I am always sad to cut but I think the results will make me happy.
I am working on the bunny from over at Posie Gets Cozy. I ordered my pdf version and just as I went to print it out, NO INK ;(
So it will me another day before I can go get the ink so I can start on my bunny.
I can't wait to make her and some little bedding. 

The day has turned warm and pleasant and the front door is open to let light and fresh air in.
I think I will relax and look at my new magazines while child sleeps.
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bookstore Browsing

What a fun afternoon we've had.
A lazy day. It was kinda chilly and the Spring winds kept us from wanting to be outside so we did indoor activities.
I am so happy that my boy loves to read.
We spent hours reading and browsing at the bookstore today.

I think we read every book in the super hero section, but staying true to his favorite we left with a Peter Pan book on cd for the car. 

As it goes, it is hard for me to look too long at any books more my age.
That is okay with me because I adore the children's book section.

So many good stories that I remember reading and new ones that I love reading to the boy.

Afterwards, he fell fast asleep and I was on to the quilt shop.
I will share my new purchases and fabric tomorrow.  I already put them in the wash.
It is time to go make dinner and watch some vintage scooby doo mysteries.

Spring break day 1....a success!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break

It is officially here.
Today was the last day of School for a week.

Spring Break started with a box of milk and a nap straight after school.

I think someone is gearing up for an old fashioned friday night party.  Remember Friday night sleep overs with Friends?  Staying up all night to watch Friday night Videos and dancing.  Oh the days of school breaks.

He surprised me with the cutest little egg today.
This is where my heart melts.  Art brought home from school is a big thing around here.
This one will be cherished forever.

Well I am onto a lovely coffee drink and a relaxing hour of Dukes of Melrose while the child sleeps.

Happy Friday and Spring Break everyone.  See ya Monday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Time, Change

Is anyone else still struggling from this years time change???
Gosh my body just doesn't seem to want to catch up.

I am staying very busy throughout my days.
Cleaning and organizing everyday.

Then taking pictures and listing all things that I have sorted and have decided to let go of.
A big thank you goes out to all my buyers new and old that have kept my little shop going.
This month has been amazing thanks to all of you.

Still so much more to organize.
I am also toying with getting an out of the house job again.
SAHM's have it hard with isolation.
It really reeks havoc on the mind after 4 years of being by yourself or with a little one all day long.
I think it would be nice to get out and associate with real humans once again. 
A great friend mentioned working as a professional organizer.  I would love to do that.
Every job I have ever had, and loved, had something to do with organization and sorting.
I am OCD in that way, I love organization.
Most places have seemed to get rid of the staff that keep a store neat and tidy or my favorite job starting as a library shelver was AWESOME. 
This will take much time and sorting out of what I can do after being out of the workforce for over 5 years now.  But boy I would love to sort and organize for a nice paycheck ;)

But for now I continue my Spring organizing in my own house.
It is really great for the soul and makes the home feel fresh and new again.
I find it helps the mind free itself of clutter and makes running a house alot smoother and easier.

As I continue to clean I continue to sell what I am letting go of.
All items seen in this post are available in my shop

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The French Heiress

Calling all french gals.
It is a little ephemera pack of fun just for the heiress in you.

I put together a paper pack of collage items
French dictionaries, stickers, labels, rub ons, book covers, binding, and papers.
All perfect for the scrapbooking, journaling francophile

Then a little Spring bouquet of book bindings.

Tied in vintage silk rayon with a vintage covered buckle to match.
Perfect for the shabby chic home to put in a bowl on display or use in your altered arts.

So many possibilities.  They look great glittered too!!!

All items will be appearing in my Vintage Marketplace Shop tonight.

Get dibs by emailing me direct

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Bonnet

I am absolutely fascinated by this fascinator .
I had to have it only in pink...
It will look adorable on a spring day with my overalls
or a springy tank and skinny jeans.
Today was a good therapy day, retail therapy that is ;)
Find it a

Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been a bit under the weather for the past few days but I didn't want to sit on the couch.

Shake it off by getting up and get movin'
I did some major Spring Cleaning today.  Moving things around in my son's room, flipping winter and spring clothes out.  Making bags of donations for the Child Haven of Las Vegas.

I feel best when I keep my body in motion.
So I continued to my bedroom, switching the winter bedding out for spring sheets. Then dusting, rearranging and fluffing all accents in the room.

The day flew by.

But as the afternoon came on, it was time to sit and list more goodies on Etsy and watch a movie.
We picked FLIGHT.  Whoa pretty intense and makes the anxiety hit fast.
But I got through it and listed all my Shop Goods as I watched.
2 birds with one stone, I am a mulit-tasker.  I can't stand to sit and watch a movie without having something else to do.

Anyhoo, so now my day is done and dinner is going to be take out tonight.
I am resting with my feet up hoping to feel much better for taking on tomorrow at full speed.

Have a great night everyone.
All things pictured here can be found at

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vintage Dress Maker

A wonderful sunny and cool breeze day.

I have an old Cary Grant movie playing and I am listing a ton of vintage for my Vintage Marketplace Shop.

As I clean and list things....I dream of sewing.
Hopefully this week will allow some time for cutting patterns and sewing up some new clothes made from vintage patterns.

I found this vintage McCalls Pattern and immediately knew I had to make it.

I had a dress from Anthropologie years ago that matched this pattern to a t
I still don't know why I sold that Anthro dress,  but I did and so this dress is on my MUST MAKE list before Summer.

I can't wait to go pick out some lovely patterned cotton to make this.
I can alter and make in to trapeze style tops as well!!!
Perfect for the HOT summer that is coming fast.

Friday, March 15, 2013


A day just spent living life.

Biking slowly through the neighborhood and taking it all in.

It is hot yet gorgeous out.

Today was meant for being outdoors.  But I want to make these!
Flipping thru the new Martha Stewart Living I found this super simple pattern to download.
I can't wait to get my studio free of clutter so I can start sewing for me and my family again.