Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been a bit under the weather for the past few days but I didn't want to sit on the couch.

Shake it off by getting up and get movin'
I did some major Spring Cleaning today.  Moving things around in my son's room, flipping winter and spring clothes out.  Making bags of donations for the Child Haven of Las Vegas.

I feel best when I keep my body in motion.
So I continued to my bedroom, switching the winter bedding out for spring sheets. Then dusting, rearranging and fluffing all accents in the room.

The day flew by.

But as the afternoon came on, it was time to sit and list more goodies on Etsy and watch a movie.
We picked FLIGHT.  Whoa pretty intense and makes the anxiety hit fast.
But I got through it and listed all my Shop Goods as I watched.
2 birds with one stone, I am a mulit-tasker.  I can't stand to sit and watch a movie without having something else to do.

Anyhoo, so now my day is done and dinner is going to be take out tonight.
I am resting with my feet up hoping to feel much better for taking on tomorrow at full speed.

Have a great night everyone.
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Rhonda said...

Hope you feel better, sounds like you got so much done, that had to make you feel good. I admire your strength. I hope today is a better one.

Petite Michelle Louise said... get a lot accomplished for someone who's"under the weather!" you GO girl! it must all look so refreshing? I need to get the spring sheets out too! We just got hit with another half foot of snow last night. come ON Spring!! Where are you???