Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

A year ago these pictures were taken.
We had no idea the journey that lay ahead for our family and the amazing things that were to come.

In a year our boy has grown, began speaking in sentences, found a new school that treats him kind and teaches him as a typical student.
We have had many downs this year but we are thankful for them all to have made us stronger and push harder and get our lives on track.

We are awaiting big news this holiday season and I will be sure to share as soon as we know.  Til then, we will be thankful for all we have and have been given, lessons that we learned and the guts to fight for what we want.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland

The most amazing thing has happened around has turned to winter.
For 3 glorious days it has rained non-stop with bulky grey snow clouds covering every inch of the sky.
It is in the 40s everyday. Which means bundling up for us.  Yesterday I had on five layers, thin layers which made up for not having a coat.  I dawned my riding rain boots from Sorrel and braved the outdoors.  It makes it feel like a real winter and I love nothing more than being out in it.

If I had a fireplace I think I would stay home more and enjoy the sounds of the rain hitting the windows.  But otherwise, I like seeing the grey skies and the clouds puffy and rolling over the mountain tops.

These days are very, very rare in the late autumn or winter.
I will hate to see it end, I really should move to the Northwest.

In the evenings I sit and listen to the rain and crochet and sew, while the boy watches his new favorite movie, Frosty the Snowman.  He just loves to sing the song. I am still in love with making the Tilda whales, so I did this little art piece for my studio.
But I am working on some special bookmarks for friends,

Today was supposed to be the boys first riding lesson but the weather postponed it.  Instead he requested to go to the library, aka, the bookstore.
I was so on board with this since it is new magazine time.

He could sit and read for hours and that he did.  If it weren't for lunchtime  we would still be sitting there reading. 

Cozy and bundled up we will head out again after lunch to have some fun.
Maybe look for new yarn for me and the boy has requested a magic hat as Frosty has.  
Maybe he will get it to make Christmas snow ;))

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Night

Here it is a Saturday night.
The rumble of the dryer is the background noise as I get a jump on tomorrow's cleaning.

Relaxing all day, moving slow.
I had to undergo another procedure this week, due to complications from my gallbladder surgery back in January.  Hopefully this one took and all will be roses from here.
So we stayed curled in for a cozy Saturday, crocheting, sewing by hand and watching the old Superman movie.

Late in the day we headed to get milk and take a drive.

It became windy but not much cooler as they were predicting.

I just realized how boring this post sounds, but it actually has been quite relaxing and nice to just be.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Friday night and the house is quiet.
Lamps are on low, candles are burning and I officially turned the heat on.
I had been holding off but I couldn't stand the chill in the house any longer.
The last few nights I had been snuggling up with my heating pad while hubby kept sayin', "it's not cold in here" as he is wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts...ugh.
Well tonight it is comfy and I am not shivering.

I took the morning to work on my November decor.
Now it is welcoming and warm at my dining if only a pumpkin pie would make itself in the oven...when is that Jestons life hitting???

Been sewing and crocheting up a storm this week.
Whales for Xmas gifts...

Acorns to set the tone of the season...

Bettys for friends...

In between all this creativity I took a few moments to shop.
Nordstrom contacted me and thought I needed a personal stylist, lol, okay I will try it and see what they think I should be wearing.  I am pretty into fashion and know my trends but I was not expecting to be dressed like I was 60 something or a PTA mom, it was quite frightening.  I left with nothing they picked but did pick up a lovely grandpa sweater from the mens dept that I picked out.
I think I will stick to my own styling services ;) These pics are all me.  I don't want someone trying to tell me I need slacks, blouses and 4 inch heels...hell I am still in my 30's, SAHM of a special needs child, what do I need slacks, blouses and HEELS for???  Hey Nordstrom, maybe you should get a bit more info about a client before pulling clothes for them.

Well that was my week and now the weekend is here, I am not a fan of weekends but I will make the best of it.  Here's to Monday :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Easy Like Sunday...

Today was easy, yes it was housecleaning day, but life was easy.

The boy had a hard day yesterday which caused a lot of stress in my world.
Today though, it all changed...he was happy, kind, good listening and we started a rewards system.

My boy has high functioning autism and life gets crazy if structure strays.
He loses his words and becomes violent.  Last night he asked for a game while we were at target, one that he had seen in the christmas catalog.  Normally I would have said no, but I thought this could be a teaching tool.
Lets see how it goes and it came home with us.  Before starting we had a long discussion of how he would need to share, take turns and listen.  If not it would go back in the box. To my amazement it worked.  He loves the game so much that he is willing to sit and wait and listen. This led to today.
In order to watch a movie or tv he would have to complete a task and follow thru with listening and clean up. It worked all day.  He got 2 shows instead of having the tv on all day, he pretend played, he built blocks,
he did puzzles, and most of all completed his school work!!!!
All without a fight, knowing if he would have a fit, no tv or captain hook game.

Life with autism keeps you on pins and needles.  You never know what will set them off or how a day will go.  If all days were like today...I don't even know what to say, it would be...