Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vintage Boy

Snapped a few pictures tonight and they really reminded me of late 60's photos.
the way the light is set and B in his pj's with his favorite toys ever.
Just a great moment in time :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Picked up a fresh bouquet of pink carnations today.
I just love carnations and today was a day I needed a pick me up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Redirection Bathroom Redo

Okay, so yesterday wasn't my best day.
Being frustrated and upset about the school led me to take that anger and channel it into something I haven't done for myself in a long time.
Something about my independence in my wife and motherly years has slipped away.
I have stopped doing things on my own and push it off for my honey-do list instead.
Well, that ended as of yesterday.
I wanted my horrible oak bathroom cabinets to disappear since buying this home.
Yesterday I made that happen. 5 years of looking at this horrible oak was enough.
I took to the garage found a pint of light grey blue paint left over from our bedroom walls and just dove right in.
I felt so good taking the reins again of doing something for myself.
Taking my complete frustration out in the sanding and taping and painting.

I couldn't believe my eyes, the space became elegant and fresh with just a few hours of work.
I couldn't stop looking at it. I feel accomplished and proud.

This is where I sit every morning to get myself ready for the day ahead. I usually rush with a ponytail and 5 minute smearing of makeup. Now I want to sit and enjoy getting ready.

I have a few pieces of new artwork I want to hang in here as well. Now the attached bath closet matches the counter space. I am thrilled!

Now to head to the lumber store to pick out the new tile :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Lost

I am so frustrated.
We lost our battle with my sons "teacher" and he has been official kicked out of school.

The admin didn't care to listen, nor did she care to come speak with us.
She sent everyone under her to address this situation.

Yet the inclusion therapist totally sided with us but is not allowed by law to voice her opinion against the school.

This is what this city has to offer, no wonder we have the highest drop out rate in the country.

No one wants to take responsibility or the time to have to address Special Needs.

I am not sorry that our son is not a robot zombie. He has a wonderful personality and gets along with almost everyone. He does not get along with a person who blatantly hates him.

I feel beat up, I feel let down, I feel as if it is our fault. I feel I am talking to a brick wall when all I want to do is SCREAM and say LISTEN to him, LISTEN to US as parents.
Let me participate in class and show what he needs. I know him best. We spend 24 hours a day together, just me and him. I know his ticks, I know is quirks. I also know he is 3 and Boy with hyperactivity.
I am hands on willing to help, LET ME HELP.

What is to be done?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I really can't wait to go see this movie.
Wes Anderson is one of my all time favs.

I haven't been to a movie theater in years so this will be our first attempt at taking a child to the movies. Wish us luck!!

Cause I can't wait for a DVD of this one, its a theater must.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Chill

I am not a weekend person at all.
I despise them, always add on a place I live that is not child friendly 110* outside and nothing to do.
I searched my brain yesterday trying to invent things to do. No Luck. I took to the internet is search for indoor activities for youngsters and parents. People do yourself a favor don't ever come here with little kids. I found 2 .net and .org sites listing activities for tots and grandparents to do...
almost all have a casino in them, mind you in seedy parts of town, if the casino thing isn't bad enough. Yes, lets take our young and old to the most sketchy parts of town to prey on. LOL

Oh, and then there was...take them to the Strip to the worlds largest GIFT SHOP. Hey now, there is something to do with 1-5 year olds, they will love it. ;(

This list of horrible ideas goes on and on. We would love to take in some of the splash pads and water zones but the geniuses here build them without covers so you have to sit in the Hot 110* sun on concrete and metal benches!!! Same goes for most of the parks. I know no one consults moms or dads before these things are built. It would be nice if the builders out here would think for a change. But boy when it comes to building a casino or a strip club you betcha they get it right every time.

Okay, my rant is over...maybe if I could stay out of Target I could afford to find a new place to live far away from this dreadful city.
Why, why did I need a Pink Bounce Ball???? Don't know but it came home with me.
With a few other non essentials.
But hey, if this is where we can escape for a bit in our day, so be it. Now, to turn the air way down and cozy up under the covers for dvr day. I record things all week to watch on the weekends.
my new favs are Bunheads and Dallas. Love me a good soap opera!!!
Makes me feel like it is kinda of a weekday ;)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today we Play

My son loves to be in my studio.
We watch Despicable Me and craft together.
Today we made this little rag doll.
He stuffed it and told me where he wanted things to go.
Making sure we stitched on toes and one ear.
He had a hard time trying to draw the face on with a sharpie, the stuffing was moving too much.

I adore it and will cherish it forever.
I know he had fun and I have the memories of his first attempt at sewing.

Oh and pics were taken by him from the iphone

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to all who commented on the issues of children learning in preschool settings.
It is the best feedback to hear from other mothers and what they have gone thru.

Today was a day we took control and voiced our concerns with how the system is letting us down.
We met with the supervisors and therapist and realized it is not only our child in this "teachers" classroom that is having difficulties.

This was the 3rd day our child was forced to sit and color the same sheet of paper for 45 min.
Seriously, who could sit and color for 45mins on one sheet of paper. This is what we are paying for as parents to help teach our children!!!!

We had enough!
It is time that parents stand up and pay attention to what is going on. If we wouldn't have stepped in and said something nothing would have ever been done to notice this "teacher" is not teaching or treating the kids with kindness.
Parents, when you are going to blame the schools for lack of education, please take a stand and get to the bottom of this. We found that this "teacher" teaches 10 classes and nothing has ever been brought to the schools attention.
Think of all those other kids that have been in her class and push out or made to sit for 45 minutes mind numbing coloring.
We as parents have to take charge and be PARENTS!
Voice your concerns, get involved.

As for my time that I have when nap time comes around....I have pulled out the baby clothes quilt again to get working on. I have a box of clothes to cut down and patch on. Little by little I get it out and work. It is a big project that will take years since it is meant to catalog all of his clothes throughout the years of his life. I will present it to him on his 16th birthday. Who knows maybe he will pass it to his first child years and years from now.

I am dedicated to working on things for my family this summer. I am finding great peace and happiness with it. No rushing to make orders or getting to the post office, nope just peaceful happy sewing with meaning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My son shows love when love is given to him.
We are having a hard time with getting people in education services here to understand this.
Today was a hard day to hear his teacher doesn't want him. So once again we are in a tug of war with our hearts and what is needed. We want him to love to go to school but we don't want him where he is not wanted. Does that make sense?

We want him to learn to be around kids in a school setting, but how is he supposed to do that when every teacher here makes him leave after 2 classes?!?!

A teacher who shows no love, no excitement to teach and totally acts as if my child is not even in her class. I am so frustrated and thankfully we had a state therapist step in and evaluate and show love and care for him. We are anxiously waiting for a phone call to give us instructions on what steps to take next.

Our child is smart and over developed in most areas other than speaking. To have a "teacher" tell us he is behind and shows no motor skills is laughable. If you have read my blog long enough you have seen his art work at 2 years of age and how he can draw a person to a T. We see him excel in memory skills and motor skills everyday at home. He is just yearning to be with other kids and have someone show him love in a school setting.

Yes, he is very hyper-active but is very controlled when he is kept motivated and intrigued on the project at hand.He melted my heart last night when I finished this doll.
Immediately grabbing her and going to take her for a ballroom dance session.
Giving her all the love he had in his heart and talking to her, caressing her. Falling asleep with her.
The Doll is just a few inches shorter than him and made the best friend to drag along with him.

I know these pictures are horrible but I wasn't planning on blogging, I just have a lot on my mind with this school system here and how horrible it must be for parents who do have Special Needs children. My mind goes to how that child feels everyday, and what it must feel like to be treated different from someone you are supposed to trust and is supposed to be there to give you attention and teach you just like every other kid in the class.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


that is what it has been since I have been in the mood to create, blog or even talk to others.

The heat is intense and we left town for a long while to try to get back to normal.

This cleared my mind and for the first time in ages, I sat down at my sewing machine and did some sewing for myself.

I am not thinking about etsy, promoting myself on a blog or selling my wares. This is purely for myself and my family time.

Things have changed big time around here and lessons have been learned.
Yep, I have a 3.5 year old and he is our focus this summer. I have been a business mom too long and just need to be a MOM. So, I might not be around here too often this summer but all for good reasons.

Family is way more important to me than a few extra bucks and promoting the heck out of my business.

Summer is about fun, family and relaxing. All things that we will be doing full force.

Until next time,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

A day to remember and celebrate Dad, Dada, Pops, Papa.
Happy Father's Day!!
To the best Dada ever, we LOVE you!