Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My son shows love when love is given to him.
We are having a hard time with getting people in education services here to understand this.
Today was a hard day to hear his teacher doesn't want him. So once again we are in a tug of war with our hearts and what is needed. We want him to love to go to school but we don't want him where he is not wanted. Does that make sense?

We want him to learn to be around kids in a school setting, but how is he supposed to do that when every teacher here makes him leave after 2 classes?!?!

A teacher who shows no love, no excitement to teach and totally acts as if my child is not even in her class. I am so frustrated and thankfully we had a state therapist step in and evaluate and show love and care for him. We are anxiously waiting for a phone call to give us instructions on what steps to take next.

Our child is smart and over developed in most areas other than speaking. To have a "teacher" tell us he is behind and shows no motor skills is laughable. If you have read my blog long enough you have seen his art work at 2 years of age and how he can draw a person to a T. We see him excel in memory skills and motor skills everyday at home. He is just yearning to be with other kids and have someone show him love in a school setting.

Yes, he is very hyper-active but is very controlled when he is kept motivated and intrigued on the project at hand.He melted my heart last night when I finished this doll.
Immediately grabbing her and going to take her for a ballroom dance session.
Giving her all the love he had in his heart and talking to her, caressing her. Falling asleep with her.
The Doll is just a few inches shorter than him and made the best friend to drag along with him.

I know these pictures are horrible but I wasn't planning on blogging, I just have a lot on my mind with this school system here and how horrible it must be for parents who do have Special Needs children. My mind goes to how that child feels everyday, and what it must feel like to be treated different from someone you are supposed to trust and is supposed to be there to give you attention and teach you just like every other kid in the class.


Sue said...

I feel for you Amy. When my son was little, his speech was not clear. He had two older sisters to translate for him. But he was in a great pre-school. It was a church one, not a State pre-school. They suggested having his hearing tested, which we did, and he was fine. He loved school and always had fun. My wish for you is that you will soon discover a pre-school that fits your little boy just right and makes him and his Mama happy!

Take care,

Gail Thayer said...

My heart goes out to you and Brooklyn! Our dd (now 11) didn't start speaking until she was 4yo. She could read a dictionary, however! We lobbied to get her into a wonderful preschool where a speech therapist would come in and do "play therapy" with her and he worked wonders!
Many times very bright children don't speak until much later than their peers and it IS very frustrating. Our dd is a straight A student now just finishing 5th grade and is so very smart!
Keep looking for a good fit, sometimes it's hard to find an understanding teacher, one who doesn't insist on "lumping" all the kids abilities together.
They're all different little human beings. You're doing the right thing standing your ground, keep it up and know that the battle may be long.
But Brooklyn needs you to fight it for him!

Rhonda said...

You are doing the right thing in finding the right fit for Brooklyn.
I don't think many did this way back in my day as a young girl.

I love your B story, taking the doll to bed, how precious.

Your doll is amazing, btw. xo R

Gail said...

Oh sounds terrible ! I wish you good luck in getting a nice school's so important to find the right place. Actually I love your doll photos and the ballroom dance bit made me smile ! Take care..Gail x

Anonymous said...

so sad to read. Wish we were already there so we could all play.