Tuesday, June 19, 2012


that is what it has been since I have been in the mood to create, blog or even talk to others.

The heat is intense and we left town for a long while to try to get back to normal.

This cleared my mind and for the first time in ages, I sat down at my sewing machine and did some sewing for myself.

I am not thinking about etsy, promoting myself on a blog or selling my wares. This is purely for myself and my family time.

Things have changed big time around here and lessons have been learned.
Yep, I have a 3.5 year old and he is our focus this summer. I have been a business mom too long and just need to be a MOM. So, I might not be around here too often this summer but all for good reasons.

Family is way more important to me than a few extra bucks and promoting the heck out of my business.

Summer is about fun, family and relaxing. All things that we will be doing full force.

Until next time,


Kate said...


Sending you love and hugs while you take time for the most important job of your life time. Cherish those moments they go by so quickly! Have an amzing fun filled summer with your beautiful family!


Julie said...

Hello Amy, I love the doll that is taking shape in your workroom. :-) Glad to hear you have been re-prioritising - we all need to from time to time - be nice to yourself and take some time for YOU also. And your little boy who will grow up so fast - being a mum is the hardest & most wonderful job in the whole world. Kind wishes across the miles, Julie :-)

Dale JaneƩ said...

What a great post and nice message. You're so right that family is more important than a few extra bucks.. :) But I'm sure it's hard at times


Gail Thayer said...

Sounds to me like you have your priorities straight! Have some fun with your family.............

Rainbow Gatherer said...

I love antique and vintage markets =)
I'll be happy if you visit my blog too :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You are a smart mom. Enjoy your little guy this summer, and stay cool!

Susan said...

Hi Amy,
Good for you to take time with your family and just sew a little something for yourself. You deserve a break and to relax. :)

Petite Michelle Louise said...

how well i remember those days and miss them even more! you are RIGHT where you should be i don't regret ONE minute of my summer's spent doing nothing and everything with our son! "don't blink!' :) have an awesome summer amy! ;)

Rhonda said...

Your choices are so right on. Your son will remember mommy holding his hand and showing him life.

You know I'll be poking you every now and then. Have an awesome summer and we will chat soon!! xo R