Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Chill

I am not a weekend person at all.
I despise them, always add on a place I live that is not child friendly 110* outside and nothing to do.
I searched my brain yesterday trying to invent things to do. No Luck. I took to the internet is search for indoor activities for youngsters and parents. People do yourself a favor don't ever come here with little kids. I found 2 .net and .org sites listing activities for tots and grandparents to do...
almost all have a casino in them, mind you in seedy parts of town, if the casino thing isn't bad enough. Yes, lets take our young and old to the most sketchy parts of town to prey on. LOL

Oh, and then there was...take them to the Strip to the worlds largest GIFT SHOP. Hey now, there is something to do with 1-5 year olds, they will love it. ;(

This list of horrible ideas goes on and on. We would love to take in some of the splash pads and water zones but the geniuses here build them without covers so you have to sit in the Hot 110* sun on concrete and metal benches!!! Same goes for most of the parks. I know no one consults moms or dads before these things are built. It would be nice if the builders out here would think for a change. But boy when it comes to building a casino or a strip club you betcha they get it right every time.

Okay, my rant is over...maybe if I could stay out of Target I could afford to find a new place to live far away from this dreadful city.
Why, why did I need a Pink Bounce Ball???? Don't know but it came home with me.
With a few other non essentials.
But hey, if this is where we can escape for a bit in our day, so be it. Now, to turn the air way down and cozy up under the covers for dvr day. I record things all week to watch on the weekends.
my new favs are Bunheads and Dallas. Love me a good soap opera!!!
Makes me feel like it is kinda of a weekday ;)

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