Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gypsy Pouch and Sew Somerset Magazine

I am honored and thrilled to have been published in the June issue of Sew Somerset

Receiving that email made my day last winter.  It is such a long wait to hear and then to see it on the pages...but so worth it.

The good thing is that it gave me months to sew and prepare new bags to coincide with the magazine release date.

These are just a few, from my rock n roll line,  that will be in my Vintage shop on Monday.

All my bags are handmade and hand embroidered from upcycled and reclaimed fabrics.  Vintage denim jeans, vintage hankies, faux fur zipper pulls.  I try to use only what I have or have been given.

The bags are heavy duty with vintage brass zippers, lined, interfacing for shaping and inside pockets.  

They measure anywhere from 14 to 16 inches wide and 10 to 12 inches deep and can carry a full lifes worth of stuff.

I sit and piece each one together like I am working a puzzle.  Lots of love and thought go into each one.

I am planning a lot more for summer, festivals and fleamarkets, concerts and hiking.
Hands free pouches are coming.

Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for dibs on the new products.
Follow me at @vintagemarketp

If you are interested in a custom bag, made with your own pieces and memories sewn in, just let me know.  I am working on a custom piece now for a vet from Detroit, to give his girlfriend of his Airforce memories and how it brought them together.

Now I better get back in the studio and sew, sew, sew. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


its officially here!
We will be in triple digits this weekend and won't have the air conditioning off for 5 months starting today.

We are keeping busy though.

Homeschool, karate, sprinklers, bubbles and swimming for the boy.

Crochet, sewing and etsy for mom.  My crochet Cactus garden...

We have a few surprises and trips planned for the Summer as well.  When it gets to 118* its time to get out of dodge.

Trying to get a lot of new things made for my shop and vintage clothes in my shop 

*Flag in the header is now for sale in my shop  Both shops have big sales going on some come on by and check them out.  Ya never know what you might find.

Well, here is to a great summer! Lets see where it takes us.