Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Linens

A gorgeous day here with the windows open and the fresh air flowing into the studio.

I am listing some great vintage today in my SHOP
the linens are flying out of my home.
Seems people are really loving the stacks I have been listing.

So today I am busy trying to clean out more and do some bundles of more fabrics.

My collection of vintage baby dresses are in the shop.
Super cute some from the Victorian era and make of silk others of fine linen and super sweet soft cottons.  A bundle any mixed media artist would love to work with.

The other is my Vintage Ralph Lauren Shabby Chic King Size Flat sheet.

I had this as a swag in my curtains but with the changing of decor the studio it is up for grabs.
It is a beautiful, softest cotton ever, piece of fabric.  Find it in my SHOP with all the details.

More to come this week.
Bundles of vintage ladies gloves, aprons and coin purses.

So much to do.
Hope you are having a most productive day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Victorian Easter Basket

 My take on an Easter Basket for all those who love vintage romantic charm.

A vintage flour sack style with findings that scream Spring time.

Layers of vintage goodness.

A vintage hankie embroidered with a D

Vintage style French post card

Vintage doily and vintage leather coin purse

The sweetest little Victorian girl holding flowers

All sewn down and a beautiful grosgrain ribbon lets the sack hang

Filled with shredded book pages as the Easter grass.

Ready to be filled and hang in a lovely Romantic White Home.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Addicted

I can't help it.
I have always been addicted to fashion.

As a child I would get up on Saturday mornings just to catch Elsa Klensch on CNN.
Do you remember Elsa Klensch???
Oh to see the runway shows and latest trends from my little tv set in a small country town, helped me dream and know that there was so much more than Sears, JCP or Walmart for this small town gal.

Yes I would dress different in thrift store finds and was never in the same style as the other girls in my school.

Now I look forward to the big fashion issues and today the Spring Nordstrom Designer Collections came out.  So I sit here in a lazy state today flipping through the pages and dreaming....

Lusting over this Mcqueen bag.
The color yellow is the perfect match to a bag given to me to play dressup by my grandmother when I was just a tot.  The price is just a bit more than that bag that my grandmother had.  Which I have desperately tried to find a match for over the years, never even coming close to seeing one.

My hubby always makes fun of me having the taste of a City girl growing up in a cornfield.

I dream and now live in a city that I can go drool over all these designer's fashion windows.

Loving fashion and seeing it all put together, I still know my roots and jeans and oversized sweater with some flip flops are my everyday attire but I still love looking at pretty things.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dream Catcher

Lately as I drift off to sleep, I find myself half awake and jotting down ideas in my bedside journal.

Each morning I awake to find a new little idea that I half remember sketching down.

Last night was a dream catcher.
But not a traditional one.
An Amy one...

This is my work desk today.  I love how this vintage hankie is signed...
I am exhausted from child and husband catching colds and running around doing mommy duty on level HIGH.  They are both sleeping away in the middle of the day.  I have found solitude in my studio.

Downing a Diet Pepsi and some Sixlets, in hopes of getting a sugar high to keep my strength going.

These little dream catchers will be floating into my SHOP soon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage Fabric in Shop

Hi everyone.
Hope your Friday has started off bright and cheery.

I am continuing in my studio re-do and I am nearing completion.

But as I go I am finding goodies to list in my SHOP

Started with these big vintage fabric bundles

So full of beautiful lace, grain sack, vintage linens, and cottons.


Moving on to some beautiful shredded vintage floral fabric ribbon. All come propped in or on a vintage jello mold.

This material is very special to me so I made an infinity scarf with it too.

More goods to come as I keep tinkering and moving things about.

Stop in my SHOP to see more on the items listed here.

Lots more fabric ribbons to come so stay tuned.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Puff or Pouf (Vintage Grain sack Ottoman)

 Whichever it may be I adore how mine turned out.

Remember, I started on this baby last July and hit a wall of depression.
All my tasks went away in the closet and the door was shut.
I didn't know then that it was my illness that was causing my lack of energy and depressed moods.

Well I am back and better than ever and cleaning up all those loose ends I tucked away.

With the redoing of my studio it was the perfect time to finish up this puff and make it fill the space.

I just read today in my new Mollie Makes that puff is the Norwegian word for stool.
I just love Mollie Makes Magazines!

So my puff is taking shape, I do need a few more bags of fiberfill to get it nice and stuffed.
At 10.00 a bag of fiberfill I will wait for more coupons or sales to get it completely filled.

I used the Amy Butler pattern for this and it was sooooo easy!
The hardest part was my way of wanting to use vintage grain sacks and having to piece them all together before starting.  From there on it was cake.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shades of Grey

It is so super cold out and grey.
The rain is coming and it is too dark to take photos in the studio today.

I am enjoying a decaf skinny latte and wearing my rain boots that don't see much action.

Actually getting to wear a coat today, I call it my Barney Fife coat and I paired it with pink pearls.

I did finish my set of pillowcases yesterday afternoon and I LOVE how they turned out.
It was a soothing afternoon as the boy slept and the sunshine faded behind the clouds.

I will get a better picture when the sun returns.

As for the rest of my day, I will tinker around.
Probably go get some more succulents to fill the shelf over my desk.
And do some painting and hanging of old frames.

OH and I do have that pouf I put away long ago.  I can give that a quick sew but need to go get tons of fiberfill to stuff it.

Have a happy and creative day everyone, as always, thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Its all Roses

Well finished up my curtains yesterday afternoon.
A few things changed from my original plan.
First I didn't have any navy blue fabric, so it was going to require a trip across town and buy MORE fabric.
Second I was out of gas in the car and I wasn't going to waste a trip across town, not with gas prices soaring.
and Third, I was not sticking to my plan of using what I had.  Thanks to some lovely bloggers for making me get back on track.
So instead I used the same rose fabric that I used in my Grain Sack Curtains.
The rod hangs higher in my studio so the top ruffle didn't turn out as large and outstanding as I normally like.
But, hey, its finished and it looks good and I can move on to the next project.

I was also going to line and drape more layers to the curtains but I really love that the sun comes in this room and I really didn't want to lose any light.  I may rethink this once it hits 120* outside but for now I love the warm winter light to brighten the space.

Using what I had felt so good.  Today I will continue using what I have to make some pillowcases.
After that is should just be a little bit of last minute organizing and I think the room will be complete.

Oh, and a new chair.  I must find a Ghost Chair knockoff for the space. 

Off to enjoy the day...what are you up to?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inspiration in Blue

Today I am tackling my curtain redo in the studio
I made these last year all from vintage linens pieced together.
But I never finished and I could never find the energy to rework them.

Til today.

I bought this vintage silk lingerie case in Chicago and I bought it to stuff as a pillow.
Today I pulled it out of my sorted fabrics and stuffed it.
Then it hit me.
I would love to have a navy blue as the topper of my curtains.  It will really bring all the color together and take your eye up to the top of the curtains to make the room and window appear much larger.

So I hope by the end of the day my curtains are finished and full and it will be one more thing to check off my list of getting this room finished.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Things in Shop

Vintage Embroidered cotton linens
This week with all I have going on I will try to fit in some new finds for the Shop.

My child is unexpectedly off school til the middle of the week, so it is full time mommy duty until he goes back.
But I am making every minute of everyday count.

As we play or watch Peter Pan for the 40th time. We clean, organize and refresh.
Yesterday we tackled his room and came out with 2 bags and a box of donations for Child Haven.

It feels great to freshen the house.

This is just a sneak peek of the cute things coming to the SHOP
 Crochet Union Jack Bunting
 Vintage apron with heart pocket
Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Studio Refresh

Today is a bright sunny Las Vegas Day.
Many many more of these to come but for now I will love it, it will get old soon enough.
But as I sit here in my studio listening to the new Matt and Kim CD I am happy.
Filled with good news that I have shared with my closest of friends and family.

I continue today to sew and fill my space with some color.
Green color, from living things.  I set out to find some plants to dress up the space and boy do they.
I just love what it brings to this bright space.

As music flows or movies play in the background of my mind, I feel fresh, happy and alive!

Another thing that I am adding to my space is handwritten notes that friends and family have sent.
I just love how a hand written note looks framed in these cheap acrylic box frames.  It is clean and simple but makes such and impact on the design.
Plus, handwritten notes are such a rarity these days, I cherish all of them that I receive.

The air smells of lemon sugar, kinda as if I had just baked a lemon cake, but candles are producing the luscious scent. 

Off I go to continue in my work.  Hope your day is full of laughs and smiles!