Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Start

 Happy New Year!!
Chinese New Year starts and since my New Year didn't start off the way I thought this is my second chance to do it right.
The year of the Snake...
Well we will see how I strike.

I am thrilled with my pink and glitter gold fortune cookies.
They are too sweet for words.

Using the inspiration and pattern from the new Mollie Makes mag, these are super fun to do and I put my own spin on them.
Each one has a hidden pocket and a real fortune hidden inside.

This is my fortune for the day.

As my son napped yesterday in the car...yes I can't lift him yet and he fell asleep in the car.

I thought okay lets make do with what we have.
So I grabbed a snack, my craft basket and we took off to sit in an empty parking lot over looking the city.  Funny back home we would sit on Art Hill and it was so peaceful to look over St Louis and Forest Park I see this :(
The afternoon passed by and I sat and cut all my pattern pieces while listening to the 1st Wave XM radio station.  Boy oh boy, I felt like it was 1987 all over again.

The boy slept so comfortably and I was lost in my own world.  I thought to myself, "does anyone have a camera on me, they must be wondering what the heck I was doing"

I will be making more and more of these little fortune cookies. I think they would be great for baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties.  Heck, I think they would make just a sweet gift for anyone special in your life.

Here is to a new start....again ;)


stefanie said...

soooo cute!

Julie said...

Happy Chinese New Year Amy :-)
They are just delightful - I LOVE them - such a simple idea but so cute. I think you did great making those while parked up in a parking lot - well done. It always pays to have a craft bag ready to cart with you.
You should think about making a penny rug as i read this neat article about this lady who had her felt pieces all cut out & found herself going to pick her kids up from school at least 20 mins earlier each day so she could sit & stitch while waiting. She said it was "the calm before the storm" ... Made me think of you. Hugs, Julie XC

Rhonda said...

That is by far the sweetest post! You make do where you sit! Genius. I need to keep a canvas bag in my SUV for some stuck in the truck fun. Hey that rhymes.

Love these cookies, just love 'em!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So cute...and I love how you made a few extra hours into a fun creative time!

Kate said...

these sweet beauties stole my heart. so happy to hear you had a wonderful time getting lost in what you love~creating~ WISHING YOU THE MOST HAPPY DAYS AHEAD

hugs to you

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

These little fortune cookies are so cute! :D

Mom E. said...

LOVE your fortune cookies! the Valentines Day FCs are so cute too!