Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Craft Day

A little place setting book I did a long time ago...I hope to craft again like this soon.

Today is Saturday
It is morning and breakfast is just done for the day.

We pull out the paints and paper, glue and scissors and start in.
First up a few things for his teacher to get for Valentines Day.

He painted a Tote bag and did a Valentine Heart Girl for her.

After a lot of concentration on cutting we did more painting and putting together of things for Valentines day, but they are surprises so you will have to wait to then to see.

As we watch the news of all the snow falling in the east my boy decided to use my fiberfill and make his own snow scene for his super heroes.  This kid has got one great imagination.  A box for the base of the mountain and the snow piled up for his super heroes to play in and climb.  He was having them trapped so he could send in the others to rescue them.  Aaah boys...

For the rest of the day I am working on a small but super fun project that I will have ready to share tomorrow. Just in time for Chinese New Year :)

But sometime today this house needs major attention.  UGH!

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