Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Its all Roses

Well finished up my curtains yesterday afternoon.
A few things changed from my original plan.
First I didn't have any navy blue fabric, so it was going to require a trip across town and buy MORE fabric.
Second I was out of gas in the car and I wasn't going to waste a trip across town, not with gas prices soaring.
and Third, I was not sticking to my plan of using what I had.  Thanks to some lovely bloggers for making me get back on track.
So instead I used the same rose fabric that I used in my Grain Sack Curtains.
The rod hangs higher in my studio so the top ruffle didn't turn out as large and outstanding as I normally like.
But, hey, its finished and it looks good and I can move on to the next project.

I was also going to line and drape more layers to the curtains but I really love that the sun comes in this room and I really didn't want to lose any light.  I may rethink this once it hits 120* outside but for now I love the warm winter light to brighten the space.

Using what I had felt so good.  Today I will continue using what I have to make some pillowcases.
After that is should just be a little bit of last minute organizing and I think the room will be complete.

Oh, and a new chair.  I must find a Ghost Chair knockoff for the space. 

Off to enjoy the day...what are you up to?


Julie said...

Hi Amy - here is my "2 cents worth" ... I think it looks fantastic & much better than the navy would've. You actually have a light airy feminine romantic look kinda going on in there & I feel the navy would've been too masculine, maybe too severe. I LOVE the effect you have with the drapey feminine curtains & the rose fabric on top still draws your eye up. Love, love, love it. Happy sewing - there, thats my opinion for what its worth !!! Hugs, Julie Xox

Rhonda said...

Amy, I just adore them, your drapes are so pretty! I love when you fuse pieces together so effortlessly.

I did see a ghost type chair at Ikea but I did not check out the price.

It wasn't as pretty as the picture you sent me a while back.

Diana Mieczan said...

It looks beautiful and I love the soft winter light:) Have a great morning and see you soon, sweetie. xoxo