Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Craft Heart Tote

Saturdays are the normal day for getting out the crafting bucket and sitting with my son.
He loves to paint and glue.
After seeing a cute little hand painted tote on Pinterest, I knew it was our next project.

It is the perfect craft for kids and super easy clean up.
Older kids use a pencil topper but as not to confuse my boy we bought the sponge dot brushes.

He really enjoyed doing this heart and I love the abstractness of it.  I am not a controlling perfect crafty mom, I let him do what he wants and that makes it all that much better. It is his art not mine.

To dress it up a bit more I am crocheting an inside pocket to put my phone and wallet in.

Since I can't sit and sew on a machine right now, I thought a super cute crochet pocket would do.
Simple single stitch crochet and stitch a divider line up the middle for 2 pockets.
A cozy phone pocket and a wallet pocket.
Little loops to hang around the handles and there ya have it.
I need to let the paint dry before I attach the pocket.
I will post a finished shot when all done.

Next on the agenda is making a little groundhog.  That means glue and more fun to come.
Happy Groundhog day...looks like all will be happy with the Spring just around the corner now.

Supplies for tote
$1 for cotton tote - Michaels
$1 for paint sponge - Target $1 section
freezer paper to cut pattern of heart
red paint
white paint
mix paint to make pink


Rhonda said...

That is too cute! I have to say, your son is very good at art! Get's it from his Mom, no doubt.

rudy said...

Dad is a waaayyy better artist than mom... j/k. love the way you & B creat so freely. from the heart.

Julie said...

What a great project Amy - it looks fantastic & the crochet pocket will be so handy,
I just love the last photo of Little B - pic 7 I think, he is concentrating thinking "should I add more dots or not...hmmm " - you have totally captured it :-)
Happy crafting this weekend, Julie X

Lynn Richards said...

Oooooohhhh!! WAY too cute. I love it! You guys have so much fun together!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a cute craft! :D I miss doing crafts like that with Shelley. Now all she wants to do is draw manga characters!