Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keepsakes and Fashion

Sharing a few things today that make me happy.

I still have a few things from when I was a baby and they are my most cherished keepsakes.

This is my baby pillow, or what is left of it.  It is soft cotton, back when cotton was soft and cuddly.
This pillow went every where with me.  And to this day it stays on my bedside table.
Today it is just the shell.  It lost all of its filling years and years ago and now it is just two pieces of cotton still sewn together. The case was lost years ago but the important part still is with me.
I can remember lugging this little pillow with me every place I went as a kid.  I think it is quite amazing that I still have it.  Move after move and growing into a teenager it was still part of my life.
I have often thought of framing it, but want it out to still touch and feel every now and then.

This brings me to new things that will become keepsakes.

I just received this little piggy from the most talented Trish over at Sweetnellie.etsy.com

Her things are made to stand the test of time and have much love shown to them.
Though they are not made for children to play with, they are a great piece of art to cherish.
Some of you commented on the little red crocheted slippers from my Valentine vignette and those came from Trish as well.
If I had a little girl this would adorn her room, but since I am still a little gal at heart it will adorn mine ;)

Okay, now for some fun fashion.  I have been in search since the Autumn for a great pair of overalls.
There is now much demand for spring and very hard to find at a decent price for vintage ones.
New ones are now hitting all the spring fashion lines and costing a small fortune to own.
I lucked out and stalked etsy for months to find the right size.  They aren't as worn in as I wanted but I will do that on my own by loving them and wearing them all spring and summer long.
I find them very 1930's dust bowl fashion like.  Dress them up with some girly color and ruffled shirt, great sandals and some chunky jewels, throw in a great oversized clutch and boom ready for spring.

This pic from last falls Ralph Lauren Runway was my inspiration.
I know my pic is horrible but I just wanted to share.  I need new lighting in my closet.

So what are your keepsakes or new inspirations for Spring?  I would love to know.


Rhonda said...

First of all, your picture is not horrible, I'd give anything for your height!! Second, how sweet is that?
You still have your pillow case?
I wish I had one thing from my childhood, nothing but memories....I didn't stop and think to save one thing. Sad, right?

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love how your'e so comfortable with your inner child. Your hair looks cute, too! Love the overalls!!! I think it's an adorable photo.

I had a pair of Guess overalls in the mid-eighties, and I thought I was tough just like those Irish kids in the Come on Eileen video! ;P

The pig is cute, by the way.

Niels said...

Hi, overalls are just the best, and wear them out yourself is the best, here is a photo of mine Key, worn out and patched by myself, like my jacket, which I have had in 50 years when I got from my big brother !:) but again overalls is the thing ! Enjoy overall greetings Niels

Niels said...

I forgot the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/44188090@N00/7321920920/in/set-72157620343822777