Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodnight Altered Doll

Another altered vintage composition doll from my gallery opening.
This is an 18 inch doll.
All hand stitched with Goodnight in light blue, yellow stars surround.
An image of a little girl running is also stitched into place.
Her hair bow is a vintage book page and she holds a vintage quilt square as her blanket.

We all must say goodnight or goodbye to something we loved in life.

She is $60 plus $15 shipping.
Within the US only, if you are outside of the US please email me for more shipping prices.

She hangs from the back side with attached hanger.

If you have any questions about this piece or any others you have seen please email me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken Hearted Altered Doll

My showing of altered baby dolls has come down and I will start listing them in my etsy shop next month.
I am giving my readers first dibs though.
These dolls are all vintage composition dolls that were loved by a little girl at one time.
I have altered them and brought new life to them as art.
This particular one is all hand stitched with findings of vintage laces,buttons and material.
The image is a transfer of a vintage cabinet card.
The story goes, that this young lady was forced to give up her beloved doll because of her becoming too mature to play with a doll or have things of little girls style.
She sewed her heart on it with her self portrait for her doll to always know she loved her.

Measures 8 by 12 inches
hangs from hook on back side of doll

This piece is for sale $55.00 plus $13 shipping. Prices are for local US if you are outside of the US please let me know so I can get shipping prices for you.
if you are interested please contact me via email.
This is Original one of a kind art by Amy Gonzalez

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Altered Book Exhibit

I was asked to take part in a new exhibit going up downtown for altered books.
I am always honored to be asked to take part in anything that has to to with recycling especially with a book.
This exhibit opens Thursday night for First Thursdays in Las Vegas.
It will be part of an amazing take on altered books by all different artists.
Find it at The Funk House, in Las Vegas.
This is my book that is being included.
This exhibition will run thru the month of March
So if you are in town, stop in and check it out.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Inspiration

With just a glance at the new House Beautiful Magazine, I fell in love.I am experimenting with color and learning that I love it. It really turns my mood around.
I really couldn't take anymore of the whites, it really got me down. It made my house feel dirty and cold. I love seeing others talents of decorating with whites, it just didn't work in my home.
This home is dark, very dark. I guess home builders do this in order to keep houses cooler with the heat we get.It really all started with the painting I picked up last year at Country Roads. It has all the elements that I want to add to this living space. Hues of blues and greens. So from that it just has spurred me on for a year to brighten and lighten.
After spending a week in ocean front views, I came home and had to purchase new lamps to try to lighten this dungeon. I love the elegance and romance they add.Stacks of my favorite books have found their way out of hiding and are open for flipping thru at a moments notice.I have also taken a chance, having a 3 year old and all, of adding more glass and far so good.One of my favorite pieces is this little tin. I remember growing up with it always out in our home.
I believe it held change at one time. My mom passed it down to me last summer and it now resides right on our ottoman front and center, to see everyday.Since my allergies of not being able to wear my costume jewelry has arisen, it makes the perfect collection on my vintage toddler mannequin to greet guest in the foyer.Our pony wall was covered in collections and baskets before, now it is fresh and love this little glass/golden tray from the 1960s I picked up at Salvation Army for $5.
I still have some things to tweak but I am really loving the fresh new modern look mixed with the antiques.
Oh and our new rug, I really think this helps add to the mod feel we're going for.
Found at Ikea for a steal compared to what they are trying to sell them for in Laguna.Well, happy Spring and now back to the Spring cleaning that comes along with the rearranging and organizing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

California take 2

Well if you missed my last post I will catch you up in seconds.
We spent a glorious stress free week by the beach meeting friends, old and new, spending nights cuddled in the cool ocean breezes. I loved walking in the night air thru different shopping plazas
and then coming back to my MIL's to have snacks and spend hours just talking.
We actually did very little shopping, but a lot of looking.
I really am trying to cut back and only buy key pieces for the house now.
Trust me though, if I still had my big SUV, I would have cleared out IKEA. Man, I haven't been there in like 11 years. We did score an amazing rug...more on that later.

For now I will tell ya how we spent our time.Friends and kids by the beach. Oh it was lovely and it was an all day affair. The kids played so long that the naps soon took over. I think it was the fresh ocean air that helped relax them, I know it does with me. So we took advantage of this by exploring all the art galleries. We stumbled into one gallery showing a Dali exhibit, he creeps me out but my hubby loves his work.
One day we will own one and I will have to turn it around while my husband is not home. LOL
The next day was so exciting, I finally got to meet Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs.Oh, again, it was like meeting someone I had known forever. Melinda and I had been conversing thru emails forever. I caught up with her at her space at Country Roads. She has some amazing stuff, handmade and antiques to choose from. Our kids hit it off so well and our hubbies did too.
It was such a great afternoon to finally put the family with the words we have shared from cyber space.
It really means so much to me to have been able to meet my friends from blogland in person.
What a great trip this has been for getting to know friends.
It was great seeing Sue, the owner of Country Roads, again too. She runs such a great establishment and it is unlike any other I have ever been in.
I feel so refreshed and energized again.
Thanks to all of you for helping me feel so welcomed.It definitely was my most favorite trip to California ever!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Friends and the Beach

Hi All!!!
I have been away for awhile.
We packed up the family and had to get away.
We set our sites on Cali with fun and friends and family in mind.
Stopping along the way to visit old friends in Rancho Cucamonga Oh I could have sat and talked all day.
We had lunch and great conversation while B got to go outside in a real yard with trees and play.
And I got to see a drive up store. I just had to take pictures. I have never heard of such a thing.
I just love how it looks like time has stood still. We did drive thru it to spy the goods.
It was hard to say goodbye and get back in the car to continue our journey to the beach.
We rolled into Laguna and was welcomed by my husbands mom. She had my favorite meal waiting on the table. I am so spoiled.B was so happy to see grandma's dog, it really is the story of a boy and his best friend. Hours that first night were spent running in circles around the coffee table chasing the dog, dog chasing B. It was like he was reunited with he long lost brother.

After a good nights sleep it was time to head to the beach. I was more excited than ever to head down to meet a blogger friend for the first time in person. Our favorite place is Laguna Beach.I was able to meet up with Lynn from Blue Skies and it was the most amazing afternoon turned evening. We talked for 6 hours non-stop. We shared stories over our favorite beverages (starbucks) and then talked so long it became dinner so off we went for a lovely dinner with more talking. I think we drove our waitress crazy by sitting so long but we left her a good tip :)
Lynn and I had been chatting via text and emails for over a year, so when meeting up it was like meeting a friend that I have had for years. Neither of us wanted the night to end but all good things must end. But I can say that I have never met someone so down to earth, an amazing person who deals with a lot in life and still makes time for others. I am happy to call Lynn my friend.
I know meeting bloggers in real life can be a great experience and I have more to come from my trip there is just too much for one post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Instant Therapy

A feeling of complete happiness and relaxation come over me with just a stroll through the Mall.
I lose myself in dreams wandering in and out of my favorite shops. I get excited over new lines, shoes, handbags...always, and then a dress or a shirt will catch my eye.
I can just walk for hours upon hours looking. I can leave empty handed but inspired by all the designs I saw.
I stopped in a Neiman Marcus today. It was the trend event. One thing I can say about Vegas, we do seem to get in one of a kind and limited editions of fashions from top designers. It is so much fun to see the Spring lines hit, we are a resort town so Summer collections are always better here than Fall.
While B slept, I did the dreaming. Chanel flip flops,Prada wedges,Marc Jacobs quilted clutches,and baubbles of brightly colored jewels.
My favorite find of the day was a gorgeous summer dress from Free People. I searched and searched for an image of it and I came up empty handed to show you. Its flowing cotton and an orange tribal print that just catches your eye.
Some people hate the idea of shopping but I can lose myself in shopping just as some can lose themselves in a good book. It takes me out of my real life for just a few hours before the tot is screaming, baths are needed, dinner is made or cleaning begins. Maybe I will never own Chanel,Prada or Valentino anything but for a moment, I try them on and it is mine all mine

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I went to try this shirt on the other day and it was like I was trying on my daughters, if I had one, t-shirt.
At the time I thought seriously, this is a large?
Then as we took pictures over the weekend my eyes were opened to the fact that the holiday rush of cookies and cakes had taken their place on my body.
Not only was I not happy with the reflection of myself but the unhealthy state I seem to be stuck in.
I hate going to the park with B cause I am tired only after 2 minutes of chasing him.
This is ridiculous that I feel so blah when just starting my day.
So, the goal is shape it up....not to only fit into the shirt but to take charge of my health.
I am not talking crazy diets and workouts, but just more of a healthy lifestyle and moderation.
Start eating fruits and veggies again, I can't even remember the last time a fruit passed my lips unless it was a blueberry surrounded in muffin ;)
Summer will be upon us soon and I will need the energy for swimming everyday, biking, and chasing B at the indoor park.
I don't own a scale so I am not sure of my actual weight but I know that I am still holding pregnancy/hysterectomy weight and then add on the cookie weight, ick enough is enough.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


How I wish I could tell all of you that yesterdays first school day was awesome and that he loved it.
Instead it was a very sad story and an eye opening experience for us.
My boy was neglected, no food or drink all day long. His diaper was not change and I found him locked away from his only security, his blankie, for they told me he was being punished.
My own baby didn't even want me to touch him when coming to pick him up.
I could go into great detail of how I found him but I will stop here.
Just, please if you have school age children, be aware, check out backgrounds and get feedback from other parents dropping their children off.
I am fearing this has scared him from school for a long time.
I know it has for me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet Larry

okay this photo is not of the real Larry that was previously mentioned in my last post.
No, No, Larry is at the Funk House and is a Stuffed Dic Dic.
My husband wanted so badly to bring him home. Larry resides at the Funk House with a vintage baby riding his back and the baby is holding another baby head in her hands. LOL
Yes, it would fit in my house perfectly but I just can't splurge on Larry right now.
Maybe one day, I will get a real picture of Larry and his baby to share with ya.
But for now this simple and cute image of a dic dic will have to do :)
And probably a little less scary to most out there who don't appreciate the vintage baby dolls ;)
Okay I have a small blurry photo of Larry in the background so you can get a little idea of what i am dealing with

Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Show Pics

So my hubby was in charge of taking the photos, normally he is a most fantastic photographer...but this night he was distracted by a thing named Larry...more on that later.
For here are the pics and trust me, Vegas is not my kind of town. My work was admired by only a handful of art lovers and dissed hard by drinkers and people out just for something to do.
I did sell the most loved item of the night, the vintage candy machine turned lamp.
I could have sold that thing 5x's over that night.

So if you see anything you would love to purchase let me know it is all up for grabs still.
The show hangs until the end of February. But unless the gallery gets a lot of out of towners in to doll art....I don't see that happening, they will all be available here or in my Etsy.

thanks to to Brendan Brown for coming out to play for this event. He is an amazing solo guitarist
and ready to hire. He is releasing his first CD this coming Saturday go here for more info.
Special thanks to Tina, for releasing the Strawberry cookie recipe. The cookies I baked for this event were more of a hit than my art. We came home empty handed in the cookie dept. LOL
Maybe we should go into the cookie business Tina. With my mom's homemade choc. chips and those strawberry cookies, we would be a hit :)
Again thanks for all the support out there, it really means the world to me. Maybe one day I will get to a real city where art is more appreciated.