Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Friends and the Beach

Hi All!!!
I have been away for awhile.
We packed up the family and had to get away.
We set our sites on Cali with fun and friends and family in mind.
Stopping along the way to visit old friends in Rancho Cucamonga Oh I could have sat and talked all day.
We had lunch and great conversation while B got to go outside in a real yard with trees and play.
And I got to see a drive up store. I just had to take pictures. I have never heard of such a thing.
I just love how it looks like time has stood still. We did drive thru it to spy the goods.
It was hard to say goodbye and get back in the car to continue our journey to the beach.
We rolled into Laguna and was welcomed by my husbands mom. She had my favorite meal waiting on the table. I am so spoiled.B was so happy to see grandma's dog, it really is the story of a boy and his best friend. Hours that first night were spent running in circles around the coffee table chasing the dog, dog chasing B. It was like he was reunited with he long lost brother.

After a good nights sleep it was time to head to the beach. I was more excited than ever to head down to meet a blogger friend for the first time in person. Our favorite place is Laguna Beach.I was able to meet up with Lynn from Blue Skies and it was the most amazing afternoon turned evening. We talked for 6 hours non-stop. We shared stories over our favorite beverages (starbucks) and then talked so long it became dinner so off we went for a lovely dinner with more talking. I think we drove our waitress crazy by sitting so long but we left her a good tip :)
Lynn and I had been chatting via text and emails for over a year, so when meeting up it was like meeting a friend that I have had for years. Neither of us wanted the night to end but all good things must end. But I can say that I have never met someone so down to earth, an amazing person who deals with a lot in life and still makes time for others. I am happy to call Lynn my friend.
I know meeting bloggers in real life can be a great experience and I have more to come from my trip there is just too much for one post.


Sue said...

You had perfect timing when it came to your visit and the weather! We are having such beautiful weather right now. I would be down at the beach myself if I didn't have so much paperwork to get done! It was great seeing you and your family the other day!

Take care,

Vintage Market Place said...

You too Sue!!
It was good seeing the shop as well.
I just wish I had more time to browse and really shop.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

So THAT'S where you've been! Your trip sounds amazing so far! YOu all sound so happy and relaxed. What fun meeting a blogging friend in person!! So jealous!! Can't wait to hear more so share...share..share! have fun!! ;0

Rhonda said...

So much sun and fun, that's what California is all about. Aren't we lucky we live so close to this sunny state?

How fun to meet a blog friend, one day, Amy, one day!!

Lynn Richards said...