Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Inspiration

With just a glance at the new House Beautiful Magazine, I fell in love.I am experimenting with color and learning that I love it. It really turns my mood around.
I really couldn't take anymore of the whites, it really got me down. It made my house feel dirty and cold. I love seeing others talents of decorating with whites, it just didn't work in my home.
This home is dark, very dark. I guess home builders do this in order to keep houses cooler with the heat we get.It really all started with the painting I picked up last year at Country Roads. It has all the elements that I want to add to this living space. Hues of blues and greens. So from that it just has spurred me on for a year to brighten and lighten.
After spending a week in ocean front views, I came home and had to purchase new lamps to try to lighten this dungeon. I love the elegance and romance they add.Stacks of my favorite books have found their way out of hiding and are open for flipping thru at a moments notice.I have also taken a chance, having a 3 year old and all, of adding more glass and far so good.One of my favorite pieces is this little tin. I remember growing up with it always out in our home.
I believe it held change at one time. My mom passed it down to me last summer and it now resides right on our ottoman front and center, to see everyday.Since my allergies of not being able to wear my costume jewelry has arisen, it makes the perfect collection on my vintage toddler mannequin to greet guest in the foyer.Our pony wall was covered in collections and baskets before, now it is fresh and love this little glass/golden tray from the 1960s I picked up at Salvation Army for $5.
I still have some things to tweak but I am really loving the fresh new modern look mixed with the antiques.
Oh and our new rug, I really think this helps add to the mod feel we're going for.
Found at Ikea for a steal compared to what they are trying to sell them for in Laguna.Well, happy Spring and now back to the Spring cleaning that comes along with the rearranging and organizing.


Anonymous said...

I see so many things that I like in your displays, you have a good eye. We just re-designed a room in our house and floor and center is a cowhide rug!

Rhonda said...

Very nice, Amy! You decorate with such flare and unique style. I love how you are inspired and then take off with it. A true talent.

I sit at work some days and think, I need to clean sweep our home. I remember someone once told me to rotate your collectibles, that way you don't have to get rid of any.

Susan said...

Hi Amy!!
I'm catching up on your posts...I love your addition of colorful items here. I do agree all-white can drag a girl down after a while, especially when it's dark inside.
Fab rug you scored!!
Okay, I am so happy to hear that you met such great blogging friends! I love that photo of you and Melinda, who I also chat with via blogging. She's so sweet and you two look so happy to finally meet.
I'm getting together with PML (Petite Michelle Louise) again this weekend & can't wait. It is truly a treat to meet face to face, isn't it?
Wish we could all meet at a blogger's convention or something someday. :)
Take care, Susan