Sunday, February 12, 2012


I went to try this shirt on the other day and it was like I was trying on my daughters, if I had one, t-shirt.
At the time I thought seriously, this is a large?
Then as we took pictures over the weekend my eyes were opened to the fact that the holiday rush of cookies and cakes had taken their place on my body.
Not only was I not happy with the reflection of myself but the unhealthy state I seem to be stuck in.
I hate going to the park with B cause I am tired only after 2 minutes of chasing him.
This is ridiculous that I feel so blah when just starting my day.
So, the goal is shape it up....not to only fit into the shirt but to take charge of my health.
I am not talking crazy diets and workouts, but just more of a healthy lifestyle and moderation.
Start eating fruits and veggies again, I can't even remember the last time a fruit passed my lips unless it was a blueberry surrounded in muffin ;)
Summer will be upon us soon and I will need the energy for swimming everyday, biking, and chasing B at the indoor park.
I don't own a scale so I am not sure of my actual weight but I know that I am still holding pregnancy/hysterectomy weight and then add on the cookie weight, ick enough is enough.


Gail said...

I hear ya Amy! I too, am getting on the healthy plan, my will include exercise of some kind and healthier eating.
No wacky diets for me either, they don't work for the long haul, moderation will!
Here's to luck for both of us in making it happen....and as for that shirt size, I try not to let the "size" marked inside get me down because they just are ridiculously sized small! I really believe that, not just making excuses.....!

Rhonda said...

Same here, I have never weighed this much, ever! I know age has something to do with it but please, what passed through these lips is the big problem.

I truly wish I had self discipline.

Diana Mieczan said...

What a great motivation, sweetie. I totally need to join in. Since the beginning of winter I crave only comfy food which is not too healthy. Kisses and hugs