Monday, April 30, 2012

Memories Made into Jewelry

My friend Mary Beth is a jewelry artist and has a gift for seeing things in a different way.

When I saw her new bullet necklace design, I fell in love.

It is such a hard edge with a delicate side.

I contacted her asking for her to make one for me but with a twist, I had the bullet shells from my FIL's Marine Salute at his funeral. We had them on display in our home but thought, hey one would be really nice to turn into this necklace.

It would hold so much meaning to have made into something rather than just laying around in a box.

Mary Beth turned this bullet shell into an amazing piece of wearable art.

I can't wait to wear it. It has so much meaning behind it.

She makes these with her collection of shells, crystals and feathers and offers it here
along with many of her other wonderful designs. Her work is carried on Zappos and Modcloth as well as many boutiques across the country.

Big thanks goes out to her for making a great keepsake into something I can wear everyday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Fresh Thoughts

What a week we have been dealt around here. My family is grateful for all the lovely comments you have left for us about B and my grandmother.
So lets look at the bright side of things that were good that happened this week...

We are all doing fine and B's favorite thing, when not outside, is watching "Despicable Me", I have to say we have watched it like 100 times now and I still laugh. He cozies up in my studio and pretends to help cut and sew while I work.
I think a little sewing machine might be nice to get him for pretend sewing.

The Art Gallery my work is in sold a piece of my work, so that is always happy news :)
I will have the other piece from my last show available for purchase on here soon.
Stay tuned

It has been just gorgeous here so the fresh air blowing thru the open windows is so refreshing from the normal hot stale air.

If you shop on Etsy, you will notice that they just lauched a Wedding Registry. I was contacted letting me know that I am featured in the Etsy Weddings for my Paper Garlands and other handmade garlands!!! So exciting to know. Thanks Etsy!!!

I am also so happy to have some fresh ideas of things to make. Sunday is always house cleaning day, but as soon as that is completed, I will be in my studio working away.

Here I go off to clean the house, while B is watching Despicable Me for the 101 time. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


the weather is so beautiful today that we took to the patio this morning for breakfast and pinterest.
I started searching for inspiration and the daydreaming took off.

I immediately want to run to my studio and start creating.

I have some fun ideas now of things to work on.

Girly, shabby and pink of course.

I put together this little brooch of vintage doily, ruffles and a crown.

It is the 1st anniversary of the royal couple, maybe I was inspired by that a little ;)

It is available here for purchase...reminds me of the shabby chic one from Rachel Ashwell with a twist.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Farmgirl

For all those lazy summer days on the farm by the lake...
having picnics and hanging the clothes out to dry.

The breeze blows lightly today and makes me think of my Aunt's lake on the farm...deep in Illinois countryside.

The tall green grass blowing the water rippling on the lake.

The fish are jumping and in the distance you can hear a cow moo

Sounds and images of summers gone by pass thru my mind.

These are new offering in my SHOP

Under the Stars

This week was one for the record books around here.
All the unexpected drama, scares and losses.

To reflect on the happy times of this week and to make sure B forgot all his pain, we kept the dragon tent out back and surprised him with his very own flashlight.

I don't think I have ever seen him more excited.

We sat outside as a family and let him perform for us, he grabbed his ukulele and sang campfire songs and he was acting like he was chasing dinosaurs and monsters. He is loving this new backyard along with the cats.

Because of all the drama of the week, we didn't have time to focus on mister's or decorating.
So pictures are still to come.
Now the heat has died down and the winds, we will be out there every night with flashlight dances and campfire songs :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I received the call early this morning. My grandmother, my last living grandparent passed away in her sleep this morning.
She had been losing strength for a couple of years but was so strong, 96 years strong.
I am glad to have gotten back home with B, even if he won't remember, I have the pictures of him and his great grandma together. She was so happy to have him sit with her. She would keep his picture in her room and always ask and tell people about his personality.

She was not sick, it was just her time.

I think the sweetest thing in the world was that she waited for my grandpa's birthday to pass.
Like she was going to surprise him or something...

I really would love to be back home with my family to gather for this last look back at her life.
I grew up with my grandparents just a few houses away.
I remember the days of strawberry pickin in her prized garden, sitting under the gumball trees on a hot summers day, she wasn't much for air conditioning. The big family gatherings always in grandma's backyard. The cakes, the cookies and pies. The crochet blankets, handmade toys and quilts we were always surprised with as children. Riding my bike down her hill after it had been freshly rocked for the summer and crashing. Her running to my rescue with antiseptic spray and band aids. She loved watching basketball and baseball. A game was always on. But I think what I loved the most was that old hi-fi playing the AM stations, of 40s music and news updates....or listening to a baseball game crackling over the speakers.
Things that just made time standstill. A flood of memories from my childhood come rushing back. Really making me think, wow, I can't believe the years have flown by.
Goodbye Grandma

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother and Son


We were having such a wonderful day yesterday and then everything changed when my son was given a latex balloon from a sales girl at the Mall. In just minutes he was throwing up and hives covered his little body and mouth. We knew it was bad and dropped everything to rush to the ER.

The story gets worse but I will leave it with the important part...He is doing fine now.

I was asked at the hospital, "why are you crying if you know he is okay?"
Only Mothers can know the reasons why.

To comfort him a little bit and a little bit for us too, we set up his dragon tent in the back yard and fell asleep looking up at the stars last night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Floral Toile Shower Curtains DIY

Part of my Simply Shabby Chic haul from the clearance aisle in Target were these super soft floral rose toile shower curtains.
A soft pink rose hue and beautiful white.

I bought 2 of these because the idea came to me of making a duvet cover with them.

The holes at the top to hang will make a great way to put shabby ribbons thru to tie shut.
I will sew on corner ribbons to tie down the duvet inside to keep it from moving, sew up the sides turn inside out and voila...a handmade duvet cover in just seconds for $16!!

Beautiful, soft and chic.

I will work on this tomorrow, as for today the heat has broken and we are out to enjoy a pleasant afternoon as a family. I am dying to find a new basket purse for summer due to Diana over at express-o :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Time For Shabby Chic Pink

With all my new Shabby Chic finds, I started rethinking some of my decor upstairs.

I have had this vintage school clock forever and it has the prettiest shade of blue second hand dial.
but the milk chocolate brown casing was not so attractive.

I had some Martha Stewart pink paint in my closet, found it while cleaning, and started to paint the clock. It was just the right color to match that light blue second hand. So I am in the middle of that job while I dripped some on my work table. I started to brush it and realized I rather liked the color for the new desk color. I will go have a pint made up of it and get that job done.

One thing always leads to another in decorating. It reminds me of that episode of the Brady Bunch where they were redoing the master bedroom...classic brady bunch.

With all this going on, I am still listing and selling on Etsy. This was my pile leaving my house today. It was almost as tall as I am.
Thanks to all of you who are supporting the cleaning of my home ;)

Back to it I go...this is a new altered art collection that will be available for all your crafting needs today click here for more info.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pottery Barn Ruffled Linen Curtains


Happy Earth Day everyone!
We are doing our part to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle today.

I am cleaning our home and really downsizing what we use and trying to donate and recycle what we just can't use any longer.

These Pottery Barn Linen Curtains are in the pile of can't use anymore.

So I am offering them here since they aren't quite vintage to list on Etsy.

Beautiful Ruffled top linen and rayon blend curtains.

4 panels all 42 by 80 inches. These are machine washable but line dry smooth with steamer or low heat iron. I always just hung to let dry naturally on the rod.

They are heavy weight and a gorgeous ecru/oatmeal linen

They have the loops on the back for clean hanging on a rod.

Wouldn't they look amazing in craft show booths too!

I am offering them with *FREE SHIPPING* in the continental U.S.

Interested just email me first at so I can send you to pay via paypal
$50.00 for all 4 panels
plus free shipping
These are Pottery Barn Linen Curtains

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simply Shabby Chic Finds

I was headed to Target for a candle to have in my bath area, not that I get to enjoy soaking in a bath, but maybe if I had a candle it would make me make time. :)

As I was wandering the aisles of Target, looking for a blue lantern that I had seen, I stumbled upon the back shelves in the darkness of the stores corners. Known as clearance heaven. It is where all the goods go for their last chance of hope. And boy did I get lucky. All of the Simply Shabby Chic Line was clearance down to as little as $2!!! I couldn't grab it all fast enough.

The little glass jars that I have wanted forever and now I will put votive candles in and place around the bath,
$4 each, Little Faux porcelain Trashbin $2, Shower curtains galore once 30 dollars now $8.
I will not use the shower curtains for their purpose but instead cut the fabric to make throw pillow covers :)
Super thick and luscious white bath towels $2 and $3 dollars. The towels match the new curtains :)
and the Ruffled pink Rug!!! Yay!! $30 now $7
Seriously made this shabby chic girl extremely happy.
I spent under $50 for my haul.
Now to hit the other Target up the street to see what they have ;)
This is a quick peek of my new lightened is much brighter in person but I am a bad photographer with sunlight. These are the new Simply Shabby Chic Eyelet Curtains I turned into my shower curtains. We switched out dark heavy ones we had and put in a clear vinyl shower curtain to allow as much light as possible in. Now if we could only get that tile laid in here ;)
Maybe that will be the next home improvement job.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Primitive Whites and More decor

I am finding an endless supply of vintage goods in my closets.
It is going to take me years to list everything on Etsy that I have to pass on to others.

I am hoping some of these things will catch your eyes and have to come live with you all.

From primitive school girls cabinet cardto bowl fillers

Fun vintage bags

And this amazing vintage horse head decal from 1950 still in package.All available in my Etsy shop at prices you can't pass up. Remember to ask for a combined shipping if you see a lot of things you must have :)

Cleaning is taking so much of my time that it is hard getting to all the other stuff I need to show you.
I finished my shabby chic memo board and now the Master Bath has caught the shabby chic bug.
I just lightened it up and purchased the new Simply Shabby Chic Eyelet Curtains to hang as my shower curtain. WOW, they are beautiful and really brighten the area.

So my vintage like Pottery Barn Ecru Linen Ruffled Curtains, in perfect condition, will soon be listed here on my blog for someone to snatch up. If ya wanna see them before I list them here, just email me. I have 4 panels available :)

Okay back to the cleaning... have a great weekend!