Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Fresh Thoughts

What a week we have been dealt around here. My family is grateful for all the lovely comments you have left for us about B and my grandmother.
So lets look at the bright side of things that were good that happened this week...

We are all doing fine and B's favorite thing, when not outside, is watching "Despicable Me", I have to say we have watched it like 100 times now and I still laugh. He cozies up in my studio and pretends to help cut and sew while I work.
I think a little sewing machine might be nice to get him for pretend sewing.

The Art Gallery my work is in sold a piece of my work, so that is always happy news :)
I will have the other piece from my last show available for purchase on here soon.
Stay tuned

It has been just gorgeous here so the fresh air blowing thru the open windows is so refreshing from the normal hot stale air.

If you shop on Etsy, you will notice that they just lauched a Wedding Registry. I was contacted letting me know that I am featured in the Etsy Weddings for my Paper Garlands and other handmade garlands!!! So exciting to know. Thanks Etsy!!!

I am also so happy to have some fresh ideas of things to make. Sunday is always house cleaning day, but as soon as that is completed, I will be in my studio working away.

Here I go off to clean the house, while B is watching Despicable Me for the 101 time. :)


Gail Thayer said...

AWESOME news about your fabulous paper garlands!!
So cool to be featured, and why wouldn't they be?
They're fabulous..;). Enjoy your weather!

Julie said...

Am so glad you could find the happy things from your difficult week Amy. Thats GREAT news about your artwork selling and also being featured in the Etsy Wedding Registry !! How exciting for you, and you so deserve it - your work is AMAZING and I love seeing all your new creations. I find your work inspires me to be more creative myself. Hugs to that adorable son of yours, kind regards & friendship, Julie :-)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wow, you really did have a rough week, Amy! I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother, I know you will miss her very much. I'm sure glad your son is ok, that must have been very scary!
I'm glad you have had good things going on with etsy!

Diana Mieczan said...

Congrats on the sale and the feature. How exciting, sweetie. Btw: The weather is totally amazing here as well:) I love summer! Happy Monday, darling and talk to you soon. xo