Sunday, April 1, 2012

Instant Collections

I tend to collect little clutches.
I can never resist bringing home another one.
They are so cute and small.
I think they make perfect altered art supplies to work with.
Some I have made into nests...others just collect papers and letters inside.
With me cleaning out my studio, and finding very little time to create in my studio these days,
it is time to say goodbye to some collections.I have many ideas for these little bags but alas I just haven't the time.

Hopefully someone out there will scoop these up from my etsy shop and bring new life into them.

I am busy cleaning house and welcoming in April with trying to welcome in freshness for our home. The windows are open and I love how the cats noses go up in the air to sniff the breezes blowing thru the house. They would love to get out and roll around in all that freshness...but then if I do let them out, the allergies come in on them and drive me crazy....sorry kitties :(

What did you do on this first day of April? Fool anyone???


Rhonda said...

ooohh those are so sweet, Amy!!!
I bet those purses have been many a good parties.

Diana Mieczan said...

They are beautiful and Happy April to you too, sweetie. Kisses and hugs.

Caitie said...

beautiful collection can never have too many!


LaraBeTheOne said...

lovely bags :)

Tesa said...

these are so cute!