Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Floral Toile Shower Curtains DIY

Part of my Simply Shabby Chic haul from the clearance aisle in Target were these super soft floral rose toile shower curtains.
A soft pink rose hue and beautiful white.

I bought 2 of these because the idea came to me of making a duvet cover with them.

The holes at the top to hang will make a great way to put shabby ribbons thru to tie shut.
I will sew on corner ribbons to tie down the duvet inside to keep it from moving, sew up the sides turn inside out and voila...a handmade duvet cover in just seconds for $16!!

Beautiful, soft and chic.

I will work on this tomorrow, as for today the heat has broken and we are out to enjoy a pleasant afternoon as a family. I am dying to find a new basket purse for summer due to Diana over at express-o :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy,
It's going to turn out just beautifully!!
I'll e-mail you later about the rug.
Enjoy the day.

Rhonda said...

I want to see the finishe duvet when you are done. I bet it will be gorgeous.

Enjoy your day, I'm stuck behind an Ikea desk...sigh

Kate said...

Your talent is so amazing Amy! I love that you created that for less. Looks beautiful. Have a wonderful week


Gail Thayer said...

Beautiful idea Amy! I did this a few years ago with Ralph Lauren sheets that I loved, but Rachel's would be so much prettier!!

Susan said...

What a great treasure you nabbed at Target! I love the soft roses on these. The duvet cover will turn out great in your talented hands. :)