Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time for More Vintage Goods

CLock Face Sold
Still adding more and more each day to my Etsy shop with the extra time I find.
If you love Shabby Chic, vintage and a good deal come by and see what I have to offer.
I keep my prices low so all can have a chance for vintage finds in these hard economic times.
I miss getting a good deal on vintage. A lot of the items in my shop are from years of my private decor.
Flowers are SOLD
Which is little time, we just finished part of our new backyard and let me tell ya.
I just love sitting out there now in the fresh air watching the boy play. He is out there from the time he wakes up til time for bed.
We still have a few things to get together before I take pictures to share.
We are hanging misting hose, which are very important in the heat of the summer. The patio furniture needs a little thought and so does a little area in the back of the house.
But just to see the green yard is something special.

We can finally let the kitties out to since is no longer dirt and plants. No more carrying in the stuff I was allergic to on their fur.

Can't wait to have a bbq this week, we have already enjoyed sipping margaritas in the evening sunsets. Ahhh. Cheers!


Faded Charm said...

Sounds wonderful Amy. Can't wait t osee some pics. My kids were always outside all day long too in the warm months:-)


Anonymous said...

I'm on my way for the BBQ!!~ What should I bring? :)
That sounds like such fun relaxing in your new backyard and watching your little sweetie have fun!!!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend and enjoy!!~

Modern Country said...

Aaaw, Your cat is soooo cute !!