Monday, April 23, 2012

Time For Shabby Chic Pink

With all my new Shabby Chic finds, I started rethinking some of my decor upstairs.

I have had this vintage school clock forever and it has the prettiest shade of blue second hand dial.
but the milk chocolate brown casing was not so attractive.

I had some Martha Stewart pink paint in my closet, found it while cleaning, and started to paint the clock. It was just the right color to match that light blue second hand. So I am in the middle of that job while I dripped some on my work table. I started to brush it and realized I rather liked the color for the new desk color. I will go have a pint made up of it and get that job done.

One thing always leads to another in decorating. It reminds me of that episode of the Brady Bunch where they were redoing the master bedroom...classic brady bunch.

With all this going on, I am still listing and selling on Etsy. This was my pile leaving my house today. It was almost as tall as I am.
Thanks to all of you who are supporting the cleaning of my home ;)

Back to it I go...this is a new altered art collection that will be available for all your crafting needs today click here for more info.


rkbsnana said...

Girl, you're making me tired. You must be young.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

LOVE the clock! let me know if you want to add it to your "cleaning out" pile as well! I got my paquet in the mail today...LOVE all that French gorgeousness. wow.....sooooo much to work with here and what a steal. Merci for being so generous! ;)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Look at all those wonderful, Amy! Love what you did with the clock!

Gail said...

Yeah the clock looks great and the ruffle curtains in your last post mmm very nice too ! Gail x

Rhonda said...

You are one busy woman! You go girl! I'm eyeballin' that stash you've got listed, if only I had more room in my

cherylkeyes said...

Hi I just found your blog. Adore your shop!!! great job with your etsy sales. thanks for sharing