Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Things :)

In my life, I flip flop a lot on things I have a passion for.
I go through bouts of wanting only black and white, dark things, industrial pieces to adorn my home in. I also choose these things to do my artwork in.
I think sometimes it revolves around how I am feeling and if I am feeling happy.
When I am feeling really happy I automatically revert back to color and things of a child.

In my 20s, I collected toys, had a successful business of doing collectible shows and flea markets selling my vintage toys. My apartments were FILLED with toys, shelves and closets spilled out vintage colorful toys. There is something about these things that make me smile.

So while at the quilt shop the other day, I couldn't get enough of the fun childlike fabrics that had just come in. I just fell in love with, little red riding hood, the gnomes, whales, oooh the strawberries, and this pattern of a German cottage town.
These little prints made my eyes light up and tons of ideas of what to make with it all.

As I was leaving the quilt shop I stumbled upon this Amy Butler clutch pattern. I can't wait to find time to sit and make it. It would be so fun to use these prints just for summer.
And then I couldn't leave without getting the PS I love you Tags to attach to everything I make.
Don't ya just love a good day at the quilt shop??

So the story doesn't end here, I had a bit of an etsy surge last night and bought a few things that I have never been able to come across in thrift shops or antique stores.A little lamby for my Blythe doll...
I about died when seeing this pop up...I have loved these kitchen toys since I was a child. I never owned them. So this one starts my collection today!!!!
I know, some of you are going to say, what the heck do ya need that for???
I need it to SMILE is what I say :)


NuminosityBeads said...

It will be cool to see what emerges out of your happy day purchases. it's like the rebirth of spring--- from the worn and weathered and crackled and distressed neutrals to the fresh and cheery colorful and youthful images.
I get it!
xoxo Kim

Gail said...

I love it all, and you're right, not everything has to have a purpose....just making you happy is enough of a purpose in my mind!!
Glad you had fun, those are very happy fabrics!

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

I love these fabrics, they are just so adorable! Looks like one of them is a Sarah Jane print :)
I flip flip alot too about color, style, and decor...I know what you mean. That's so cool that you sold vintage toys! Love your new finds and I LOVE Blythe dolls!!!