Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simply Shabby Chic Finds

I was headed to Target for a candle to have in my bath area, not that I get to enjoy soaking in a bath, but maybe if I had a candle it would make me make time. :)

As I was wandering the aisles of Target, looking for a blue lantern that I had seen, I stumbled upon the back shelves in the darkness of the stores corners. Known as clearance heaven. It is where all the goods go for their last chance of hope. And boy did I get lucky. All of the Simply Shabby Chic Line was clearance down to as little as $2!!! I couldn't grab it all fast enough.

The little glass jars that I have wanted forever and now I will put votive candles in and place around the bath,
$4 each, Little Faux porcelain Trashbin $2, Shower curtains galore once 30 dollars now $8.
I will not use the shower curtains for their purpose but instead cut the fabric to make throw pillow covers :)
Super thick and luscious white bath towels $2 and $3 dollars. The towels match the new curtains :)
and the Ruffled pink Rug!!! Yay!! $30 now $7
Seriously made this shabby chic girl extremely happy.
I spent under $50 for my haul.
Now to hit the other Target up the street to see what they have ;)
This is a quick peek of my new lightened is much brighter in person but I am a bad photographer with sunlight. These are the new Simply Shabby Chic Eyelet Curtains I turned into my shower curtains. We switched out dark heavy ones we had and put in a clear vinyl shower curtain to allow as much light as possible in. Now if we could only get that tile laid in here ;)
Maybe that will be the next home improvement job.


Rhonda said...

WOW - you did hit the jackpot!! I'm heading to my Target - I cannot believe these prices - what a deal.

Love your new bathroom look.

Gail Thayer said...

Wow Amy, thanks so much for the heads up! I know where I'm shopping today!!!! I love her fabrics...

Modern Country said...

The little glass jars are wonderful ! So nice of you to stop by, hope you have a fun weekend.

~ Aina ~

Petite Michelle Louise said...

OMG!! Hope that Target sale is nationwide!!! I'm on my way there now!

Vintage Market Place said...

Run Michelle Run!
I was just at our other target and super slim pickins' left. A few tip towels and the other less attractive bold turquoise floral pattern things.
I did scoop up another pink floral shower curtain, I will make a duvet cover with it!
Yay, Good Luck Ladies...Let me know what you find :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Super finds, and your bathroom is looking so pretty!


Julie said...

Your bathroom looks sooo amazing - what a great job you have done. Do hope you find time to have a long luxurious bath and light your candles Amy. Kind regards, Julie :-)

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

Oh my...what a steal! I will have to see what my Target has left...
Do you know if the line is being discontinued from target? Your bathroom looks what you did with the shower curtains!!
I would like some new tile too...