Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother and Son


We were having such a wonderful day yesterday and then everything changed when my son was given a latex balloon from a sales girl at the Mall. In just minutes he was throwing up and hives covered his little body and mouth. We knew it was bad and dropped everything to rush to the ER.

The story gets worse but I will leave it with the important part...He is doing fine now.

I was asked at the hospital, "why are you crying if you know he is okay?"
Only Mothers can know the reasons why.

To comfort him a little bit and a little bit for us too, we set up his dragon tent in the back yard and fell asleep looking up at the stars last night.


Gail Thayer said...

I'm so sorry, poor Brooklyn! So glad he's ok now.....balloons can be very dangerous for young children. In more ways than one!

Kate said...

I am so very sorry that happened to your sweet precious Brooklyn. I am so thankful to hear that he is doing better. Hugs to you both


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh my..what a scare for you all! i am glad to hear that he is doing better.....sending sunshine and hugs your way! ;0

rkbsnana said...

Oh how scary. Latex allergies are serious business. I know exactly how the tears could start afterwards. So glad he is okay.

Julie said...

Oh goodness Amy - how scary for all of you - glad to hear he is improved. I must tell you something I have learned over the years - that "Mother thing" that we have (the tears and the heartaches for them) . . . it honestly NEVER leaves you. My sons are grown young men now and I still have those feelings. Hugs to you and your dear little son and his dragon tent - Julie x x x x :-)

Lynn Richards said...

Ohhhh. the photo of the two of you makes my heart MELT.
What fun to sleep under the stars. Such a good mom. OF COURSE you cried. Good heavens. Such a release of emotion after all that happened!!!!

Alaina said...

My heart goes out to you, we as mothers understand how horrible it feels when our children are hurt or sick. I am so glad to hear your son is doing ok.

Rhonda said...

WHAT? I had no idea, poor little guy. I'm so glad he is doing better.

Silly balloons, who needs 'em, Brooklyn.