Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yummy Vintage

If you read my blog regularly, you know yesterday I said I wanted a day off of mommy duty....well we can't always get what we want.
So my day turned into only a few hours. Just long enough for me to get some pictures of some vintage to add to the shop and then late in the evening an hour for me to workout.
At this point I will take any alone time I can get.SOLD

I will be adding a lot more everyday to my shop in the next few weeks. Hoping to get a lot of stuff out of my studio that I just haven't had time to photograph over the winter.
So be on the look out. Click here to get more info on any of the items above

Well, we didn't hit the big lotto. We don't even have the lotto here so we just pretended to play.
We sat and wrote our numbers down, before the drawing, just to see if our picks would match up.
I got nothin', my hubby hit 3 numbers.
I think it was amazing that one of the winning tickets was sold back home in Red Bud, IL...just 24 minutes from my home town...Who knows maybe it was someone I actually knew that won. Congrats to them, I couldn't even imagine hitting that jackpot. Life is sure to change for who ever it was.
Well, since it wasn't us, I will get back to work, lol


Gail said...

Oh Amy,
I feel for ya! I remember that burning need to get off by myself, if even for a few's our mental health time, right?
Love your new goodies! As far as that lotto, I told my dh last night that I was going to bed and to please let me know if we had won.....we didn't. He told me how much it would have been after taxes and I told him to please STOP!!!!!
So I'm feelin' that too, and I've been hard at work today adding to my Etsy shop....not exactly the lotto, but we work with what we have, right?
Have a great evening!

Rhonda said...

I so thought of you when I heard it was a town in Illinois, close to St.Louis, MO. How wonderful for the winner!!!

We all had big dreams here, everyone was buying tickets and dreaming.

I love the way you captured your vintage items, simple and clean.