Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crowns and things

Just a quick peek at a few things from around my studio.
I adore some lovely gifts I have received for my bday.
A gorgeous handmade charm of a crown by a dear friend
and who couldn't use another pair of legs hanging around the house, lol, there are arms to match :)
this creamy flowy slip dress it so divine it has to hang outside of the slip wall to shine on its own.

Here is just a simple shelf that holds some of my bunnies and dolls and my little handmade kitty.

The winds are blowing sssstroooong today. It is a good day to stay indoors and play in the studio.

I need to do a little sewing and some sorting out of the closet needs to be tended to.
Whats on your agenda for the day?
Tomorrow is supposed to bring temps that drop 20 degrees and rain. So maybe we will get one more day of winter in before Spring official starts here.

I think I will join Kathleen today over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday. It has been a long time since I joined in on the fun.


Alabaster Rose Designs said...

It looks so beautiful Amy!! Those pieces were just perfect for you!!~
So glad that you enjoy them!
Enjoy the lovely weather.

Susan said...

Welcome back to White Wednesday Amy. I love these snippets into your studio, and wow - that dress! I'm glad you enjoyed playing inside today (and happy belated birthday, too!).

victoriantailor said...

Love that pink and white dress, and the necklaces

Linens and Laurel said...

Oh, so pretty. I need to sew, too. If I would just get that machine set up, I'd be on my way.

Stephanie said...

Love the crown charm. Your studio looks like a happy place to be - especially when the weather is not pleasant.

Lynn Richards said...

I LOVE your studio. LOVE it!!!
Where did you get all the great jewelry? So beautiful on the dressmaker's form.

Rhonda said...

If I were ever in your studio, I'd have to take pictures of all your wonderful details. : )

And I would die for thighs like that doll's legs...tee hee