Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marie Antoinette Craft Day

I am inspired to make something.

It was supposed to be beautiful out today, but I guess the earth had different plans for us.
It is overcast, windy and a little chilly.
Thinking we should stay indoors today and make things.

I am starting on this crafty oversized clutch...It will be one, yes one of the offerings in my Giveaway coming up.
I found these bright yellow oversized clutches, well thats what my mind saw them as...they are really Laptop cases, from West Elm that were on major clearance.
The bright yellow color is perfect for the easy summer clutch, for that POC to add to your outfits.

I am giving it even more color by adding this applique' from this amazing Marie Antoinette fabric I have had forever. Add in a few vintage doilies, and pops of embroidery thread and there ya have it. A one of a kind clutch for summer.

I am excited to get started on it and the faster I am done the faster I will have my Giveaway up and going :)Stay tuned for the progress and the Giveaway.
What are you up to today, crafting???


Rhonda said...

Don't I wish...working but when I get home I have a couple of creations to complete.

Lovely start on your Marie bag...tres chic!!!

Julie said...

I just adore that marie fabric!!! Am excited to see the finished clutch Amy. Yes I hope to do some crafting today also - not nice weather here to be outside. Happy creating from N.Z. Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it Amy!! I can't wait for your giveaway!
Hope your doing well, our weather has been kind of strange too. One day pouring, the next day sunny but chilly and windy, very strange for us!
Take care and have fun creating! I'm in a photo mood lately. :)

Fallon said...

Yup I'm crafting too. My brother asked me to make a pillow in a design he made for his friends wedding.

Also I spent the early day outdoors and you're crazy! It's lovely outside. Only a matter of time before the pavement turns to lava.

Happy crafting!

Vintage Market Place said...

Nope Fallon, I hate wind, it makes me mad to try to fight with it.
Those gusts and trying to wrangle a little one is maddening to me.
Its best I stay inside on windy days.
I love hearing the trees rustle and the wind blow the curtains as the breeze comes thru the house.

Kate said...

Amy I love the colors in this!!! Beautiful reminds me of Anthro I will have to stop by for your awesome giveaway.

Have a wonderful week