Friday, March 30, 2012

Vintage Display Box

We are currently collecting vintage crates and boxes to display at the landing at the top of our staircase.
It is coming along slowly, since I can't find the vintage crates at a reasonable price.
But as I was shopping my own home for items to use, I came across this little handmade printers block tray. It doesn't quite work for what I am going for but thought it would look super cute in someones home out there.

I have found a new place to take photos in my house now I am just working on the time of day that I will get the best pictures.
By the time I took these it was too late in the day and had to use indoor lighting.
I think early morning, not my best time of day, but will work best for the pictures.

Click here to see more of the printers tray

My plan is to get a ton of pictures taken today and then go sit by myself at the coffeehouse and zone out. Hubby is on toddler duty, I am taking the day off as mom.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love the way the back of the tray is dark...really works great for display! Makes me think of chalkoarding one! (Is that even a word?) Thanks for stopping by, Amy! The tin you mentioned is just marked Made In England, but I am sure Murray Allen, as well as many other European candy companies used these! How fun to have one from your family! Enjoy your down time today...and the weekend, too!

Gail said...

Very cute tray Amy! Have a great day just veggin' out!

Rhonda said...

You have fun on your mommie break!
I sure wish I had room for your tray. I'm so happy it's Friday I could jump and down.

Vintage Market Place said...

OH LINDA!!! That would be a fabulous idea for the chalkboard!!!
and yes chalkboarding is a word in my dictionary ;)