Friday, March 16, 2012

A Mothers Heart

The heart wants what the heart wants.
My mind has been racing this week on what my heart wants, not needs but wants.
So my postings have been scarce.
Sometimes it is hard to make a decision as a mother, you weigh the wants with the needs and guilt with what makes us happy.
Will it all work out? Do I do what I want but know it is not what is needed.
How, as SAHM's, do we put away the guilt for a selfish act that might bring us a little happiness and joy.
Not sleeping now with racing thoughts, will I be able to sleep if I make the selfish decision?
Know this is not anything major, it will not hurt or neglect anyone or thing
It is just my silly head and thoughts that come with being a mom.
Thoughts anyone????


Gail said...

I totally get it! Bottom line is that sometimes being a Mom is just plain hard! I have found, however, that tending to myself and my needs is paramount to being happy, which in turn translates into being a better Mom....more content, more able to focus on my dd when she needs it, not feeling like a mere servant in my own home....;).
There's nothing at all wrong with making decisions that will benefit yourself, as long as it's not hurting someone else in your family or in any way neglecting them.
And let's not forget that none of us has a crystal ball so sometimes it's just a matter of trial and error, taking the plunge. Most things aren't irreversible anyway, you can always change your mind if it doesn't work out....well, most of the time anyway.
Good luck with your decisions, I do hope they work out....and I'm digging that art piece you did!!!

Sabrina said...

beautiful post!!!i'm following your blog!!!

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Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Been there too Amy - it´s very hard at time to be a mom - it´s important too to do something for just you. I believe in that - I believe it makes us better people and better moms too.
Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

Erin said...

I'm not a mom-but I love this post! You need to take a little time for yourself to remain sane!


Erin @