Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doll Parts

Some think my art is creepy and disturbing.
Then they actually talk to me and find that it represents love and rescue.

Most of you know about my love of dolls and doll parts. It all comes from a story in my early childhood.
I save and rescue the dolls that have been discarded in life and try to breathe new life into them for someone else to pick up and love.
Maybe they evoke a memory or feeling from your childhood.

This series of doll parts are all left arms that have been inked with flash art tattoos.
Why only lefties, because I am a leftie.

The story for the anchor one goes like this...
Her dad was a sailor.
When she was just a tot her dad set off to sea, never to return.
All she could remember about him as time went on was that Anchor on his left arm.
So she tattooed her doll, the only other thing she loved and could hang on to, with the anchor.
Holding it every night wishing on the stars over the sea that he would, one day, come back to her.

The Hearts are easily explained as
I wear my heart on my sleeve.

So see, these are not things to creep you out or disturb you. These parts and dolls were all loved by someone at sometime and it is good to give them new life for someone new to love.


Rhonda said...

Your art always touches my heart, Amy. You tell stories that touch my heart, too.

Things in life are not always black and white, look outside the lines.

stefanie said...

i love them....I hate dolls, but...I love doll heads without bodies, love doll bodies with out heads, the girls at my shop think I am well!

Gail said...

Well, you know how I feel about doll parts...I'm with you! And I think your stories are so sweet too....that's what comes from having a very active imagination!
Feel blessed......!
BTW, I'm a lefty too..:)

Julie said...

What a lovely post - I too love dolls and just LOVE your story of the dolls arm with the tattoo. And yes I too wear my heart on my sleeve - which is not always a good thing!!! I love your art and all that you do :-)Please keep up the great inspiring work. kind regards from New Zealand, Julie :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the anchor tattoo and the story, but must confess that I didn't understand your art untill you shared your own story. Your art has an original viewpoint - a rarity. Keep going! Barbara

rkbsnana said...

Lovely. My cousin got a doll for Christmas way back in the early 60s that had two left hands. She wouldn't let her Mother return it and has it now.

Lynn Richards said...

Can i just say how much I love this post? And that you are helping me over my fear of dolls???!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Your stories simply melt my heart and I am such a huge fan of your art:) Have a sunny day, dear.

Melissa Blake said...

How cute!! xoxo