Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring

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What goes thru your mind on the first day of Spring?

It was so beautiful here today that it made me think back to the days when I was a little girl.

My dad owned a bad a$$ Jeep, that thing shined like a diamond.
He would spend all day washing and waxing and then we would get in and go for a ride.

Man, that takes me back.

My dad is a huge music lover and the louder the better, he would crank those 70s southern bands and off we would go. Hitting the bumpy hills with a roller coaster like feel.
Seat belts weren't required back then so there was a lot of hitting my head on that dang bar.

Off down to the river we would head and just drive with the top off and the wind in our hair.
(this is my home town of Chester, Il. Looking over to the Mo. side of the Mississippi River.)

So today, I did the same with B. We set off with the sunroof open the windows down and the music LOUD!
We drove from one end of the city to the other. Did I mention loud music puts B to sleep.
As we drove he fell off into lala land and I went back in time. Remembering those innocent days of just being a little girl having fun with her dad.

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Rhonda said...

AWE, your posts always make me smile.
Reliving your childhood is always fun, isn't it?