Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow In Las Vegas

Okay, not really but to a 3 year old who has never seen real snow this is as close as it gets.
He only knows what snow does, it falls from the sky as seen on tv or read about in books.
To my amazement one day, we had opened the blinds one morning and he was screaming SNOW SNOW, it was the dust particles flying in the morning light shining in.He was so giddy and acting like he was catching it in his hands, even had his mouth open to try to catch the falling flakes.
Oh, to see the joy on a 3 year olds face seeing "SNOW" for the first time.

We continued playing in the "SNOW" the rest of the morning.
It led to playing in our shadows in that little piece of light that comes into our home.

He was thrilled and has such a BIG imagination that it makes me sit back and smile.
No toys needed, nope just some dust and light :)


Susan said...

Oh, such joy in the mind & heart of a child! What a delightful experience you both had there.
It didn't take much at all to enjoy inspired playtime. :)
So funny that you recognized one of my new craft books by Tone Finnanger as one you own Amy! It's worth diving into, and I bet you could really make a neat rendition of the dolls.

Rhonda said...

Ooh, that is the sweetest sight ever. Your Brooklyn will continue to delight you, he has your imagination.

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww...what a sweetheart! Your little kiddo is super awesome:) Muah, darling.