Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Look For Spring and A Giveaway

I have been itching to change my hair color for months.
I really want to go back to something in a sandy, sunkissed brown
When asking my new hairdresser a few months ago to add brown back to my hair she said no.
I got a bad feeling then that she was not confident in hair coloring. At my next appointment I found out why, she burned my scalp and it has taken 2 months for it to start to heal.
So now I am on the hunt for a new stylist and a new color.
Seeing this image of Jen Aniston really got me happy, I would love to have this shade of hair.
I feel I am just getting a little washed out with the full on blonde color that I have had ever since my old stylist left town. I really miss my old stylist. She knew how to color hair no matter what I wanted, and never, ever told me NO. She always gave me depth, dimension and texture with layers of low lights. It seems everyone else I've tried knows how to only do light and lighter.
So now I am rocking blonde hair and dark roots and not in a good way. I am terrified to put any chemical on my scalp but something must be done. Keep your fingers crossed that I find someone soon to help.

Okay, so I realized this week that I hit over a 100 followers and have posted 200 entries.
I thank all of you for following me from my old blog Mittens and my new followers that have found me too.
So give me a few days to get something together for a lovely Thank you giveaway. Stay tuned.

Have a great Sunday, it is cool and cloudy out today. We are waiting for the rain to start falling.


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I hear ya. Every so many months I have to find a new person. A good colorist is rare to find. I take a photo and still no luck. I just had my hair cut and it is so short!!! Why can't anyone do what you ask for??? Good luck with your hair.

Lynn Richards said...

Come to mine!!!!!
Good luck, my friend!

Gail said...

Good luck with finding a new stylist...Jennifer's hair is a lovely colour and always looks nice and shiny...Gail x

Rhonda said...

I wish you luck, Amy, I still have not found a stylist I trust. I've been coloring my own hair forever. It works for me and I feel fortunate, after years and years of spending hundreds of dollars on my hair. No more.

I love that pic of Jennifer, isn't she adorable?

I spent Sunday with a good friend and we shopped. I cannot wait to show what I bought. Rhonda xo