Sunday, March 4, 2012

38 AGAIN???

Seriously, today is my birthday but I thought I was already 38!
So it is a chance for me to do 38 all over again. LOL
Maybe it is better the second time around :)

No plans or parties, i have enjoyed the company of a few friends. Some in person and others just in texting conversations for hours.

I will spend my day creating in my clean studio and making some submissions for a magazine ;)

So thanks to all who have contacted me to wish me not only a good day but year!

I am so grateful for what I have and the love I am given. Why not do it all over again :)


Gail said...

Why not indeed? Happy birthday blogging friend, hope it's just fabulous!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh that's funny!! I too have lost track of my age from time to time. but not THIS year!! Oh no.THIS year I will remember who old I am...unfortunately! yikes! ;)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Amy and I hope you are truly enjoying 38 all over again!

Take care,

Clara Turbay said...

My best wishes for you!

Carla McCarthy said...

Love ur work on etsy , also Happy delay birthday!!!xo