Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Green and Random Things

This weekend has been pretty random and full of events.

First up was our invite to the opening day of the new Kate Spade shop at the forum shops in Caesars Palace yesterday.
The shop looks amazing and is full of such bright pretty colors. A little bird told me to expect a visit from Brad, from Its a Brad Brad World, next month!!! I am sooo excited. I hope Gary comes too, LOVE THEM!

The staff at Kate Spade is unlike any other. They know us by name even B, and treat us like royalty when we walk in. If you are ever in Vegas, stop in and see Justin there. He is so sweet and amazing. Tell him Brooklyn sent ya, lol!

After our shopping trip through Caesars Palace we were off to get our backyard ready for a renovation. Yes, we are getting a backyard just in time for 100* temps, lol.
But B will enjoy it so. It has been really fun designing what we want and seeing it come to life.
Hopefully it won't be too much longer before it is all complete.

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I had gained weight without me realizing it til I saw myself in pictures recently. So we have added a treadmill to the house and I have started my running every night. I am already feeling so much more energized and good. I have a long road ahead of me but I am at least up and going. Its is so nice to not have to leave the house to try to get to the gym and fight someone for a treadmill or figure out what to do with B while I worked out.
Now, there are no excuses, I just go upstairs and put on my own tv and watch my horrible reality shows while I sweat the pounds away. :)
(this was last summer, so I hope to feel as comfortable as I did here)

The days have been beautiful here, so a lot of outside activity this week, B can ride his bike all the way to our park. We walk behind him and then play in the park while the warm breeze blows thru. Sad it is supposed to all go away tomorrow, so we better get out and enjoy it while we can.

Also a shout of THANKS to all my amazing etsy buyers this week! The good ones make it all worth it! The ones with manners and kindness are always welcome in to shop anytime.


Rhonda said...

I adore Kate Spade, I only have one purse, though. I bet their grand opening at Caesars was fabulous.

I've been cleaning up my studio today, weather is very warm. Sophie and I did our post office run, then pet store run and finally a quick grocery shop run. All in one hour. Damn I'm good. Power shoppers UNITE.

Hope to chat soon, love the pic of B, very cool graphic.

xo Rhonda

Doreen said...

Hi - I'm a new follower; found you via your comment on SF Girl! (Your blog name caught my eye.) Looking forward to catching up on your posts.

Sue said...

I have a treadmill and I've always loved it. Although its gotten a bit dusty the past few months. I love to pop on my Bose headphones (totally worth every penny) and plug it into my iPod and I'm off and running to places unknown with my music! Good for you.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Love Kate Spade Amy!! I bet the store is fabulous there!!~
And how exciting to re-do your backyard, I'm sure Brooklyn is going to have a great Summer running around.
I'm so proud of you for running!! I try and power walk on the treadmill every night, but the last couple of nights I've missed. I'll get there tonight.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Diana Mieczan said...

Kate Spade is awesome and I am lusting over so many goodies from them right now. And your backyard project sounds super cool. I bet it will look beautiful:) Btw: have a great day and talk to you soon, sweetie.