Friday, February 24, 2012

California take 2

Well if you missed my last post I will catch you up in seconds.
We spent a glorious stress free week by the beach meeting friends, old and new, spending nights cuddled in the cool ocean breezes. I loved walking in the night air thru different shopping plazas
and then coming back to my MIL's to have snacks and spend hours just talking.
We actually did very little shopping, but a lot of looking.
I really am trying to cut back and only buy key pieces for the house now.
Trust me though, if I still had my big SUV, I would have cleared out IKEA. Man, I haven't been there in like 11 years. We did score an amazing rug...more on that later.

For now I will tell ya how we spent our time.Friends and kids by the beach. Oh it was lovely and it was an all day affair. The kids played so long that the naps soon took over. I think it was the fresh ocean air that helped relax them, I know it does with me. So we took advantage of this by exploring all the art galleries. We stumbled into one gallery showing a Dali exhibit, he creeps me out but my hubby loves his work.
One day we will own one and I will have to turn it around while my husband is not home. LOL
The next day was so exciting, I finally got to meet Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs.Oh, again, it was like meeting someone I had known forever. Melinda and I had been conversing thru emails forever. I caught up with her at her space at Country Roads. She has some amazing stuff, handmade and antiques to choose from. Our kids hit it off so well and our hubbies did too.
It was such a great afternoon to finally put the family with the words we have shared from cyber space.
It really means so much to me to have been able to meet my friends from blogland in person.
What a great trip this has been for getting to know friends.
It was great seeing Sue, the owner of Country Roads, again too. She runs such a great establishment and it is unlike any other I have ever been in.
I feel so refreshed and energized again.
Thanks to all of you for helping me feel so welcomed.It definitely was my most favorite trip to California ever!


Anonymous said...

It was so incredible to finally meet you my friend!! I felt like I met a kindred spirit and I can't wait to have you and the family over for dinner when your in town again!!
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip!
Have a lovely weekend Amy.

Gail said...

How lovely !! I remember when I went to a Dali exhibition I was surprised at how small his canvasses actually were. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing...Gail x

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Hi Amy! Melinda told me I had just missed you at CR. Kate was not feeling well that day and said she's bummed she missed you too. I read your last post and am now following Lynn's blog, she seems like such a great lady. You sure are blessed with such awesome blogging buddies here in Cali, I'm so happy that you got to meet them both! Maybe I'll get to say hi in person next time you're in town.

Have a wonderful week,