Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Show Pics

So my hubby was in charge of taking the photos, normally he is a most fantastic photographer...but this night he was distracted by a thing named Larry...more on that later.
For here are the pics and trust me, Vegas is not my kind of town. My work was admired by only a handful of art lovers and dissed hard by drinkers and people out just for something to do.
I did sell the most loved item of the night, the vintage candy machine turned lamp.
I could have sold that thing 5x's over that night.

So if you see anything you would love to purchase let me know it is all up for grabs still.
The show hangs until the end of February. But unless the gallery gets a lot of out of towners in to doll art....I don't see that happening, they will all be available here or in my Etsy.

thanks to to Brendan Brown for coming out to play for this event. He is an amazing solo guitarist
and ready to hire. He is releasing his first CD this coming Saturday go here for more info.
Special thanks to Tina, for releasing the Strawberry cookie recipe. The cookies I baked for this event were more of a hit than my art. We came home empty handed in the cookie dept. LOL
Maybe we should go into the cookie business Tina. With my mom's homemade choc. chips and those strawberry cookies, we would be a hit :)
Again thanks for all the support out there, it really means the world to me. Maybe one day I will get to a real city where art is more appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Oh Amy,
I loved it all!! I think my favorite is the "Somebody Once Loved Me" wall art, just gorgeous!!
I'm sorry about all of the stupid drinker's, couldn't they have gone to a bar to drink instead? Oh, let me guess, the drinks were free, that would explain it! :)
Those people don't even matter, so just dismiss every bad thing they might have said.
You are super talented and I am so happy and proud for you!
Hope you have a beautiful day.

Sue said...

Well, I loved what I saw and if I was there and had been drinking I would have loved it even more!! Art is in the eye of the beholder. You gotta ignore the negative and thrive in the positive. I got a really nasty email from some "stranger" that called herself a customer. She ripped CR apart up and down and told me it just had gone down hill since she had been there in 2007 and she would be praying for me. At first I was ready to fire off a email to her. Then I stepped back and realized she wasn't worth the time or the energy!! Thanks for sharing the photos Amy, they are all great!!

Take care, Sue

Gail said...

Don't let the uninspired get you down! Your art is wonderful, know that above all else!
All tastes are different, so yes, if you were in a more eclectic and art-minded community your outcome would have been very different.
"To everything there is a season".........
Keep up with what inspires you and you'll be happy!

Rhonda said...

Truly amazing and so incredible! I had to look at your images twice!
Can you even imagine if your art was in New York? Paris would love your art show. I used to live in the River North area in Chicago, a lot of art galleries, I can see your art there!

I'm so excited you posted these photos! I'm sure the attendees are still thinking about your pieces.

They grab hold of you and tell a story. Good art does that.

Congrats for what I see as a good display of your wonderful talent.

xo Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures - You are so brave and your work speaks to that. I could never do what you keep at it. Glad the cookies worked out, they don't hold a candle to your mom's choc chip. Can't wait to hear about Larry.

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so impressed by you, darling. Everything looks amazing and I adore everything about your work!! So wish I could see all this in person. Happy day! Muah

Susan said...

I'm glad you posted pics of the show, Amy! You looked super cute, as did your amazing wall of art. A lot of creativity and love went into your pieces, and I really wished you did live in a city that appreciates art more. Nevermind those Vegas drunks!
We're proud of you!
- Susan