Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Addicted

I can't help it.
I have always been addicted to fashion.

As a child I would get up on Saturday mornings just to catch Elsa Klensch on CNN.
Do you remember Elsa Klensch???
Oh to see the runway shows and latest trends from my little tv set in a small country town, helped me dream and know that there was so much more than Sears, JCP or Walmart for this small town gal.

Yes I would dress different in thrift store finds and was never in the same style as the other girls in my school.

Now I look forward to the big fashion issues and today the Spring Nordstrom Designer Collections came out.  So I sit here in a lazy state today flipping through the pages and dreaming....

Lusting over this Mcqueen bag.
The color yellow is the perfect match to a bag given to me to play dressup by my grandmother when I was just a tot.  The price is just a bit more than that bag that my grandmother had.  Which I have desperately tried to find a match for over the years, never even coming close to seeing one.

My hubby always makes fun of me having the taste of a City girl growing up in a cornfield.

I dream and now live in a city that I can go drool over all these designer's fashion windows.

Loving fashion and seeing it all put together, I still know my roots and jeans and oversized sweater with some flip flops are my everyday attire but I still love looking at pretty things.


Rhonda said...

Dreaming is good, you never get too old to dream. Yes I remember her on CNN. That bag is too much, love it.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

LOL I do remember Elsa! ;P