Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 3, Bedding

I have this cot that works as my lounging area.
It is simple and vintage like but kinda needs some help.

I dressed it in my King sized Duvet cover from Anthro and it still is blah...
so it hit me to get two oversized dog cushions to lift it a bit.

I then had this beautiful fabric that is a yellowy gold on an off white background.
I think the cushions covered in this fabric will really pop on top of the blue duvet cover.

Then add some great back cushions or maybe even a diy backboard.

My material purging went great.
I always hate the organizing of material and linens.  Cause it never stays nice and neat for long.
But I will have a lot of my vintage pieces put up in my etsy shop as remnant bags.
Great for sewing little needlework projects up with.

Day 3 is going well and I hope to move on to other things tomorrow once the bedding is taken care of.

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