Friday, February 15, 2013

Studio Refresh

Today is a bright sunny Las Vegas Day.
Many many more of these to come but for now I will love it, it will get old soon enough.
But as I sit here in my studio listening to the new Matt and Kim CD I am happy.
Filled with good news that I have shared with my closest of friends and family.

I continue today to sew and fill my space with some color.
Green color, from living things.  I set out to find some plants to dress up the space and boy do they.
I just love what it brings to this bright space.

As music flows or movies play in the background of my mind, I feel fresh, happy and alive!

Another thing that I am adding to my space is handwritten notes that friends and family have sent.
I just love how a hand written note looks framed in these cheap acrylic box frames.  It is clean and simple but makes such and impact on the design.
Plus, handwritten notes are such a rarity these days, I cherish all of them that I receive.

The air smells of lemon sugar, kinda as if I had just baked a lemon cake, but candles are producing the luscious scent. 

Off I go to continue in my work.  Hope your day is full of laughs and smiles!


Julie said...

That is honestly looking amazing Amy - so light & airy & fresh. What a great space to spend time in creating. I love the idea of framing the little notes also :-)
Enjoy spending time in your beautiful studio, Julie Xox

Lynn Richards said...

(big smiles!)

{oc cottage} said...

LOVE the dino!!!

m ^..^

Rhonda said...

Your studio re-do is making me want to start all over in mine. I just don't have the time...sigh.

Lovin' what you are doing here!! said...

holy moly! I want to get started on creating my inspiration space! love what you have goin on there! thanks for the push!